Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Site Maintenance and the state of blogging in 2011

Greetings all, not a whole lot to report here. If anyone is looking for an update from my latest mini-series, I decided to take it down momentarily and unify it as a single post, so look for some sort of update to that in a week or so. Life continues on here in Texas with lots of hot, dry weather. We really could use some rain.

In other blogging news, Suldog has announced that he is ceasing active blogging. He was one of the most frequent commenters on this site, and I always enjoyed reading his blog. I'm sorry to see him go, but he is keeping his blog online, so I hope we see some more posts from him eventually.

I started this blog out after some encouragement from one of my favorite bloggers, Magazine Man. He's got a ton of great stuff to peruse in his archives, but he hasn't posted in a while either...and please understand, I am NOT criticizing anyone for not posting blog entries. Hell, I've been guilty of not posting for weeks at a time myself now and then. Real life is always more important than blogging, and I know MM (as his fans refer to him) has been extremely busy with starting a new job, selling his old house, and moving his family to their new house. It just seems that...I don't know, when all your friends are posting on THEIR blogs, it makes you more likely to want to post on YOUR blog, if you know what I mean.

Back when blogging was really popular (and I think it probably hit its peak in the 2004-2005 time frame) I saw many people would begin blogs, post a few entries, and then never update them again. While this blog has had its share of blank spots, I am proud I've never let it go completely "dark" like that. I think that Twitter and Facebook have replaced blogging as the "in" thing to do...because it honestly is more of a challenge to write an interesting blog post than it is to fire off a Twitter update or a Facebook update.

Anyhow, just some late night musings from yours truly...hope everyone is doing well, and look back soon (as Suldog was always fond of saying) for more better stuff.

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Annabel said...

I had a fairly dry spell in terms of blogging for a while when I was doing grad school full time. I've enjoyed blogging again lately, though I'm not posting every day as I was for a while. Life is getting busy again. I appreciate google reader that notifies me of new blog posts - otherwise, it is disappointing to go to a favorite blog every day and find that there's still not a post.
I've enjoyed your bad interview stories.