Thursday, February 24, 2011

Various Happenings

My mother was just in the hospital (again) for a similar issue to the last time, but fortunately only had to stay for one day. They think they might have figured out the problem and have adjusted her medications accordingly...I hope they are right. The hospital that they sent her to was not the same one she went to last time and things were kind of a goat rope there...I had to spend the night with her last night because the hospital did not provide a sitter (which we really wanted, due to Mom's dementia.) However she is back at home now and appears to be doing well.

I am flying out of town tomorrow for a couple days to do may annual cockpit observation time. I'm flying to Trinidad and staying for a couple days (the hotel expense will be on my dime, but I figure why not have a little fun since I've got the time off?) If I take any good pictures I will share them here. I'm glad I don't have to worry about Mom while I'm gone. I would of course have delayed this trip if I had to, but since everything was already set up and she's back at her assisted living place and doing well, I'm going ahead with it.

Lastly, I would like to share a picture of a sign somebody posted in the men's at work, above the urinals. Yes, men are slobs. I thought it was funny though.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Car Stuff, With Bonus Video

Not much going on here. I had my first post-operation hearing test yesterday, and the results were encouraging with significant improvement seen...but as my doctor said, it can take several months before the full effect is realized. I'm happy I had the surgery done, though, and glad the post-operative dizziness is over.

I do feel sorry for my ENT doctor...she is pregnant with twins, and being of fairly short stature, that's slowed her down a lot (part of why I got my surgery done when I did was that she's not doing surgery now until after she has her babies due to becoming rather huge.) Sometime after my surgery, while walking around her examining room one day, she tripped on a cable and broke her foot. Poor thing! I admire her for still soldiering on and seeing her patients with one foot in a cast...hope she is all recovered before her twins arrive in March, but I imagine she will be.

The new car is doing well. I took it on its first road trip to see my relative Rex last weekend, and it averaged over 38 mpg on my trip up there. Rex's sister was having her 85th birthday and he had arranged a surprise luncheon for her at one a nice restaurant, which was fun. She was just expecting to have lunch with him and a friend of hers, and got to the restaurant to find about 20 friends from her church there waiting for her.

I suppose I should write more about the whole car-buying experience but it was pretty low-key, for the most part. Ford has a program called X-plan pricing (which can be viewed at where they arrange for employees of certain large corporations they do business with to receive a new car at a very good price...the only way to get a better price is to work for Ford itself. So, there wasn't very much haggling, except on the trade-in, and when they offered me a price within $200 of what I originally asked for my old car, I was satisfied with that. I got a loan arranged through the dealer at a pretty good interest rate and everything was just about set. The salesman went to talk to his manager about something, so I wandered around the showroom while I was waiting.

I decided to sit in a new Fiesta that was in the showroom next to my salesman's cubicle. Unlike mine, it had an armrest/center console, which I really liked. The standard Fiesta does not include a front seat armrest, which I think is a mistake on Ford's part. I told the salesman that I was interested in having that armrest added on to my car, and he started going on about how that wasn't really a standard option, and that the car on the floor had been modified by the body shop to have the windows tinted, ground effects added, and so on. I really didn't care about the ground effects (which help make the car more aerodynamic, evidently) and I knew I could get the windows tinted myself (which I did about a week after I bought the car) but I really wanted the armrest. So I told the salesman, "Well, if I can't get that armrest added on, I don't think I'm going to be interested in buying the car." Suddenly, he was able to call the body shop and arrange for them to add it on that same day. I didn't get it for free...I think I paid about $300 or so extra for it...but it was funny how it went from being an unavailable option to easily available after I said that.

If you have a few minutes and are easily amused, check out this rather inspired mock commercial for the Ford Fiesta, which was one of the first places I saw it. My car is the same model as the one in this video, but with cloth seats, a manual transmission, and a more boring dark gray color (all of which I prefer.)