Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick Update

OK, I know this is overdue, but wanted to get something out there. My operation went fine, I'm not quite 100% yet but I'm back at work. Of course, I managed to get some kind of minor stomach bug on my days off last week but I'm feeling better today so returning to work this afternoon. Hearing in the operated-on ear seems to be much improved but the sound is still a bit muffled...however that will clear up with time as the ear heals.

Also...I got a new car. I probably should have waited another year or so with my old car to justify the money I put into it last year, but I found one I liked quite well so I went ahead and took the plunge. My thinking was something like, well, this current car is 15 years old almost, so what if it breaks down badly this year and is worth nothing? As it was I got about what I expected on the trade-in, and I'm quite happy with the new ride. It's a lot smaller which makes for easier parking at work and gets much better gas mileage...but it's pretty versatile and fun to drive, as well as having a nice stereo system! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet but here is a photo of a similar one I found on the web. 2011 Ford Fiesta, if you were wondering which kind. And even though I'm fairly tall, I fit into it just fine...that being said, I don't think there's room for anyone to sit behind me much. However, it's rare for me to carry more than one or at the most two people in my car so I doubt it will be much of an issue. And, the rear seats fold down, making the cargo area big enough for me to carry my bike in...which for various reasons I couldn't do with either of my prior two cars.

OK time for me to get ready for work here. More later. Hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far!