Sunday, September 05, 2010

Vacation Recap

Greetings everyone. Overdue for a post as usual, and I really have no excuses to give...other than the fact that I've been working a lot of overtime, to pay for my recent vacation as well as all the work I've had done on my car this past summer.

Let's see, where to start? Vacation was awesome and I had a really good time in both places I visited. I split up my week off into two first trip was to Albuquerque, my hometown, which I hadn't visited since shortly after my mother moved here. My cousin was getting married so I was very glad the timing worked out enabling me to be there for that event. The wedding was awesome as was the reception afterward. My cousin Tanya who got married is a few years older than me, so perhaps there is hope for me yet! But I'm not stressing on it, since I really do enjoy the single life most of the time.

Albuquerque had beautiful weather, and I do miss the climate there (specifically, the lack of humidity.) I was very busy all three days I was there, first attending a family get-together at my Uncle's house, then going out that night with an old friend from high school, then attending the wedding the next day. My final full day in Albuquerque I went for a hike near my parent's old house, which was one of Bentley's favorite places to go hiking...I still miss that dog. After he was put to sleep, we had him cremated, and I scattered his ashes on the trail, which I'd been wanting to do for a while. It felt like a good way to say goodbye. Later in the day, I drove up to Santa Fe and visited my father's grave, so I guess it could seem like this day was especially morbid, but to me it just felt like a good way to say goodbye. I had visited my father's grave before, but not by myself, and it seemed easier to "have a conversation" with him alone rather than with someone else standing next to me.

Anyhow, after that was done, I made a visit to Ten Thousand Waves to soak a while in their hot tub and recover from my hike earlier in the day, before meeting a friend for some drinks and karaoke at at a Western themed bar and restaurant that night. I flew back to Texas the following morning, but I managed to squeeze in a breakfast meet with another old friend of mine before dropping off my rental car. While the flights were pretty full both going there and coming back, I did get a decent seat both times without any problem.

I decided to use Wednesday as a non-travel day to catch up with errands and such here in Texas, and I went out for a meal with Mom that day as well. I was planning to catch a mid-morning flight the next day out to California for the second half of my vacation, but I set my alarm clock for PM than AM and ended up oversleeping for the flight. The afternoon flight was pretty heavily overbooked, but I was able to hitch a ride by sitting in the cockpit, a perk of my present profession. The crew was very friendly and I do always learn something new when I do that, so although I'd rather have been relaxing in the cabin, I was mainly just glad I was able to get to my vacation destination. Also, I was glad I'm single, since I'd never have been able to get a girlfriend or spouse on the flight I took out there.

My destination in California was Sacramento, a town which I really enjoy even if it isn't thought of as a traditional vacation spot. They also had beautiful weather the whole time I was there. I have some friends in the area, and I visited it a lot when I was thinking about working for the state of California. I stayed in town the first night at a rather seedy Motel 6, and the next day I went sightseeing around town before heading to a resort place south of town where I spent the rest of the weekend. In addition to seeing the state Capitol building, I managed to get in a visit to a museum by Folsom Prison, where I almost ended up working before deciding, fortunately, to stick with the airline business a little longer. (It was a good thing I did since I got an offer from the Rather Large Airline only a couple months after deciding that a corrections officer career wasn't for me.) The museum was really interesting, though, and I snagged a copy of the Johnny Cash Folsom CD as well as a T-shirt before proceeding on to my destination that evening.

I didn't do a lot of sightseeing the rest of the weekend, but I had a good time relaxing. I did a fair bit of walking around, as well, so I ended up not gaining any weight while I was gone, which was a pleasant surprise, as I don't really keep close tabs on my fast food or beer consumption when I'm on vacation. My trip back went much more smoothly than my trip out went, and I arrived home that night sort of tired from the trip but very relaxed.

I wish I had more news to report, but there hasn't really been anything exciting happening. There's lots of overtime available at my job this month, which is good since I need to pay for some of the car bills I racked up over the summer. I am working this weekend, but I do have off for Labor Day itself, as well as Tuesday. I always like having off the same day other people are going back to their traditional schedule jobs, and I sometimes make the effort to get up early and see people getting ready for work. If I'm in a particularly vindictive mood, I'll have a beer while I watch (not that I usually drink beer in the morning, you understand, but on special occasions like that, I feel it's justified.)

Speaking of beer drinking, football season is almost underway, and courtesy of the fine folks at The Onion, I thought I would share this hilarious video about Packer fans (and being a Packer fan myself who also lived in Wisconsin for over three years, I think I'm allowed to say that parts of this video are, unfortunately, scarily accurate. But it's still hilarious.)

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Heather Meadows said...

haha, you get up on your days off to watch people who don't have the day off get ready for work? You are evil! :D

Sounds like you had a good vacation :)