Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Adventures

Greetings everyone. Not a whole lot has been happening here other than, work, which isn't too exciting. Well, I did have another in-flight medical diversion and those are always fun, but for the most part things have been pretty quiet. However, some things happened this week I thought were were worth blogging about.

Adventure One: I was getting some gasoline after work and this guy walked up and asked if I could give him a ride about a mile north so he could catch a bus home. I initially said no, but then I changed my mind as he seemed kind of desperate, and he didn't seem too suspicious. He was trying to call his sponsor, etc. I suppose I did it because he seemed like he had been down on his luck, but was trying to get his life together, and also because I had no car when I first moved here and I remember how much it sucks. All that being said, I never begged for rides either. After I dropped him off, I thought, hmmm, you know, if he had just started walking to his destination rather than begging for rides, he probably would have gotten there almost as quickly. However, it was getting kind of late, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt in wanting to get there and make sure to catch the bus before it stopped running for the night...but all the same, I probably won't do that again. As a general rule, I never pick up hitchhikers.

Adventure Two: I had a couple of gift certificates for Best Buy, so I decided to buy some color ink for my printer since it's running out. My printer is a rather old HP Deskjet model, which used to belong to my mother...I want to say she bought it in 1999, perhaps? I don't do a lot of printing with it, but it still works like a champ. However, I didn't have the old cartridge with me when I went to the store, so I asked the clerk on duty there which cartridge I needed...he had to look it up online, and he had trouble looking it up because the printer is no longer made, but he finally told me it was a "78" type. I went ahead and bought the VERY PRICEY ink, then got home and tried to plug it in. It fit fine but I kept getting an error message...finally realized that although they are very similar in shape, I needed a "23" type and not a "78" type. Thanks, Best Buy! Fortunately I did save the receipt, so I'll be returning that incorrect cartridge today and using the credit to help buy a laptop backpack I saw there and liked. Also, I found a OEM ink cartridge (the RIGHT one) for sale online that cost about 1/3 what the HP brand did, and included free shipping so, lesson learned.

Adventure Three: I worked last night, volunteering for a graveyard overtime shift. That was probably a mistake. I believe they call those shifts "graveyard" because you feel like you belong in one when the shift is's hard for me to believe I worked those exclusively for a year back when I started working on the international desks a few years ago. It didn't help that I didn't get a good nap in before work, or that the particular shift I was working had very little to do up until about an hour before shift's end, so I was definitely feeling like a zombie and I had a lot more caffeine than I normally do in an attempt to stay awake. I also had some trouble getting signed in, and one airport had low visibility right when I got there...but once I finally got signed in, the fog lifted enough for the one flight I was concerned about to land, and the shift was pretty uneventful after that.

I decided to reward myself with a Denny's breakfast after the shift was over, which I used to do quite often at the end of my workweek, back when I worked graveyard shifts all the time. I ordered something that was no longer on the menu, which the manager had told me when I visited previously wouldn't be a problem to order. The waitress didn't remember how much it cost, however, and seemed to be really confused about how much to charge me. I told her what it cost, and she thought it was I told her, well, if you want to charge me the price of this similar item currently on the menu, that's fine, but I definitely want to get this particular item if I can. So, she ended up bringing me the similar item of food, and not what I ordered. I told her that what I got wasn't what I ordered and she got all flummoxed and started asking other employees what the item I wanted cost. I was waiting for her to take my plate back to the kitchen and she says to me, "You're sure you don't want this?" I probably normally would have been more polite, but I was rather grumpy after being up all night and tired of arguing about it so I just said, "Never mind! I'm leaving!" I got up and walked out (since all I'd had at that point was ice water, I didn't owe anything.) I hate it when someone I am ordering stuff from (be it food or some other kind of merchandise) starts arguing with me when they are the ones who made the mistake. Fortunately, my favorite bagel shop was open, so I just got a breakfast sandwich there instead (which was honestly probably all I really needed.)

Not a whole lot else going on here. After reading about them some on another blog, I have decided to order a GPS for my car as an early birthday present to myself (I turn 42 next month, so I'm thinking of having a Hitchiker's Guide themed day.) Also planning a trip up to see my relative Rex for a few days over my birthday weekend, so that should be a good chance to try out the GPS. Later on, in November, I'm attending Wurstfest in New Braunfels. I went last year and it was a really fun time.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I promise an update on how I like the GPS, once it arrives here.

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