Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Evening In Crazy

I had originally intended to call this post "Ash Ash Baby" or something along those lines to discuss the recent turmoil created by the ash cloud that was hanging over Europe for the past five days or so. However, events tonight compelled me to use this blog as my creative outlet...namely, to vent about various happenings from my life today.

Crazy event number one started when I went to go grab some food tonight during my shift at work, since I hadn't brought any lunch with me. There is a Thai place not too far away from my office building that has really good spicy chicken fried rice for $4, so I ordered some to go. (Incidentally, people in my profession are not allowed to leave their desks unattended, but whenever someone does a food run, we do a thing where we "merge" our flights so that the desk next to us can monitor them while we're away. Needless to say, this isn't done without asking first.) Anyway, I got to the restaurant, and the parking space I chose was kind of narrow...both the cars in the adjacent spaces were fairly large, and I drive a full-sized car myself. However, parking is often in short supply at my workplace, and I'm an expert in fitting into spaces such as this well. Since I didn't have a lot of room to open the door on my side, I *carefully* opened it about halfway and climbed out. I picked up my food and returned to the car. The driver of the car on my left (a Mercedes SUV, actually) had evidently returned in the meantime, and during the process of carefully reopening my car door and climbing back into my car, my car's door evidently touched her vehicle.

I first became aware of the Mercedes driver being in her car when I looked up after getting into my car and saw a woman sitting in the driver's seat shouting loudly at me. I couldn't hear what she was saying, though, because her windows and mine were both rolled up. I presume she was upset at me for DARING to touch her car with my car door (and believe me, this was not intentional, nor did my door do more than possibly touch her car.) I started backing out and noticed she had gotten out of her car and was standing next to my car glaring at me. Since I don't speak to potentially crazy people if I can avoid it, I drove on out of the lot. I noticed her looking carefully at her car door to inspect it for damage. I thought about waving goodbye but decided against it. I was halfway expecting a call from the police later on, assuming she'd taken down my license plate number, but I presume she discovered that her Mercedes was in fact unblemished and decided to drop it.

The rest of my shift was quiet, and we'd had some good news is the day our ballots were counted from our contract vote, and it passed, so we will be getting a lump sum back payment check at the start of next month. Several of my co-workers decided to go out after work to celebrate. I wanted to join them, but I had an errand to do first. Last night, I had gone to my local brewpub and inadvertently left my ATM credit card there when signing my check. I had verified they had the card, but I didn't have time to go pick it up before work, so I decided to go after work. I told some other people going to our meeting spot to save me a chair, but they didn' I ended up being squeezed into a spot next to a person who in my opinion, is the most annoying person in my entire office. I know there is at least one of my co-workers who reads this blog, so I don't want to go into any more detail, but let me just say he was (and is) ANNOYINGLY LOUD. I am a quiet person by nature, and I cannot fake being in a good mood when I'm not, so I didn't stay there too long. People invited me to have some of the food they had ordered before I arrived, but I wasn't that hungry since I'd eaten the chicken fried rice earlier, and I didn't want to have too many beers since I had to drive home, so I left after having just a couple. And, to top it off, the ATM at the bar wasn't working, so I could have just left my ATM credit card at the brewpub until tomorrow and gotten a good seat away from the ANNOYINGLY LOUD individual by arriving earlier. Fortunately, I did have enough cash with me to pay for the beers I had consumed, so I didn't feel like I was stiffing anyone. I was just as glad I didn't have any of the food though.

Thus, I wasn't in the greatest mood when I left the bar. I had a few things to pick up at the grocery store, plus I wanted to get some cash. I went through the store and picked up most of my items...of course, one of the things I wanted to get was out of stock so I had to find a substitute. Anyhow, while I was walking down one of the aisles at the store, a couple (I presume husband and wife) were approaching me rather quickly and not looking where they were walking very closely. I had one of those hand-carry baskets since I wasn't buying very much, and the lady's hand bumped into my basket. To be honest, I might ordinarily have stopped and said something like, "Oh, sorry" even though it wasn't my fault, but the mood I was in after putting up with ANNOYINGLY LOUD at the bar was not very good, so I continued on my way.

There was a line for the register, and the couple that had bumped into me happened to be right behind me in the checkout line (of course.) The lady (and I use the term loosely here) said to me in a very bitchy tone, "You know, if you bump into someone you really should say EXCUSE ME!" to which I replied, "Well, since YOU bumped into me, I didn't feel an apology was necessary." She didn't say anything else, just glared up at me. I think she was trying to be intimidating but considering I was about nine inches taller than her and probably weigh twice what she does, it wasn't very effective. Her husband (or boyfriend, I'm not sure) didn't say anything. It's just as well he didn't, since if he had demanded an apology, with the mood I was in I probably would have said something like, "Well, I'm sorry if you're married to this woman, because she seems like a total bitch!"

Anyhow, I am of course presenting both these incidents from my point of view...and of course, the first lady in the car had every right to see that her car wasn't damaged (although, when a car door just TOUCHES your car, it's really doubtful any harm will occur) and I can see how the second lady was annoyed, but she really wasn't looking where she was going. Nights like this one are times when I'm glad I'm still single, though. I apologize to any of my female readers if this post comes off as uncaring or insensitive, but I really felt the need to write this one down when I got home to help me cool off.

Incidentally, the ash cloud in Europe APPEARS to finally be dissipating hopefully, normal operations will resume soon. I have one co-worker who has been stranded in Ireland on his honeymoon, so I hope that he and his new wife make it back home quickly.