Monday, November 30, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXXV

Well, we have come to the final day of NABLOPOMO, and to the final entry in Lola's diary. This last entry may be a bit longer than normal but I thought it was only fitting to end the diary at the end of a month-long posting frenzy. Let's get started:

September 30, 1953

Rainee and Lisa have just left after a two week visit here. We had such a good time and did enjoy that blessed baby. She was so cute, sweet, and smart. Charlie was home four days while they were here - bought a new 1953 Chevrolet and is very proud of it. He drew $100 at the fair - lucky ticket - and went back very pleased with himself.

June 21, 1955

Mama fell and broke her hip May 11, 1954 and was in Flow Hospital until Thanksgiving. Took her home and she is still in a wheelchair - have a woman, Mrs. E. H. Christopher, who comes every day.

Charles - a 1st Lt. now - is stationed in Lincoln, Nebraska, and will get out of the USAF in December 1955. Little Wally, my third grandchild was born 6-26-54 and he is a darling. I flew to DC to see them in September 1954. Then Wallace came down here to see Mama in October. They are expecting a fourth child in September 1955. They are building a new home and expect to get in it next month.

Things are pretty rough here - Mama cries a lot. None of my relatives come to see her very often - Robbie has not been here in seven weeks - it just breaks her heart. (Mine too.) Charles was home in May and stayed two weeks - surely did enjoy him.

November 9, 1955

Went to Wallace's for seven weeks this summer - was there when their fourth child was born - Amil Charles - born September 1955. Little Wally was the cutest, sweetest thing I ever saw - I know the new one will be too.

Charles left for England 11-7-55 and will only be there a short time. He will be discharged 12/15/55 and we are going to Wallace's for Christmas, first time we have been together for the holidays in fourteen years.

September 3, 1957

Ida died suddenly August 22, 1957, in her sleep. Mrs. Buckingham and Jim will live on at the place. Feel so sorry for them.

Charles left USAF service 12/55 and is back with Westinghouse. He is in Dallas and comes home every weekend. So wonderful.

Martha married in June 1957 to John Rex Witcher, a Navy man. They are living in Milton, FL and seem very happy.

Wallace and little Wally are coming home for a visit next week. Charles will take the week off and I hope we have some joyous time.

Mama is pretty well. Complains a lot but is as well as could be expected. I think she looks fine.

Fred Harper died of a heart attack in December 1956.

OK, that is the last formal entry, on the last page of the book, but there are a few more lines she wrote down to record events and I will transcribe those as well:

Mama died December 24, 1962

Charles married Sue in May 1966 - Charles Jr. born 10-21-68

That's me!

Bill studied at University of Rochele, France, in Summer 1967

This is Lola's first grandhild, my cousin Bill. He eventually became a professor of French, I forget what university he teaches at.

Wallace and Rainee went to Europe in fall of 1967.

Lisa entered Goucher in September 1967.

Bill married 10-68 to Mary Lou in France.

Lola lived until 1986. She was 91 when she passed away, and if you've been reading these entries, I think you'll agree she had a very interesting life. She was a great grandmother.

Lola was doing quite well and living on her own (although she had sold her house and moved into a retirement apartment in 1982 or so) until the summer of 1986, when she had to go to the hospital, I forget what for exactly. However, while she was in the hospital, she broke her hip, and I think at that point she kind of decided she'd been around long enough. Dad and Wallace did get to go visit her in the hospital before she passed away. She is buried next to her husband in Denton.

I don't have any pictures handy of Lola from the time when she started writing this diary, but I do have one of her that was taken when she was in her 70's, I believe. Her appearance actually changed little over the years...Dad said that she'd been white-haired for as long as he can remember. Anyhow, here is what Lola looked like.

I apologize for the weird picture shape, but it was taken out of an oval picture frame to be scanned. She wrote Mom once when she and Dad were dating and said, "Well, Sue, I'm OLD and I'm FAT and I'm UGLY." I think she was being rather hard on herself...Lola had a quiet self-assurance about her that comes through in her pictures. When Lola first heard my father was getting married to my mother, a divorcee with two kids of her own, she was rather wary. But she and Mom got along great, as it turned out. I'm proud that she was my grandmother, and I hope you enjoyed reading her diary entries!


Suldog said...


Thank you very much for this series! It was fun reading and quite an insight into her personality. Stuff like this, that opens a window onto another era, is so very enjoyable.

Chuck said...

Suldog - glad you enjoyed reading the entries!

Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed reading Lola's diary; much of it was familiar to me - not because I had lived in those places, or knew those people, but because Lola's life was similar in many ways to my own grandmother's.

Plus, I have always been fascinated with that time period - those 50 or so years before I was born. It always seems to me that not only was life simpler then, but it was also slower-paced, and somehow less stressful. Lola's diary shows that in many ways, things are not that much different today - we just have better climate control, and more electronic devices! :)