Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXXIV

This next entry is not a diary, but rather a news clipping Lola had saved from May, 1953:

The fellow who robbed Wallace Mann, Ben Chastain, and Eli P. Cox was a smooth operator. He took Chastain's billfold out of his pocket in his trousers, hanging in two feet of where he slept.

Wallace Mann and Charles were sleeping in the room when he took Wallace's billfold, driver's license, credit cards, ,his union card and about $160 in cash. After removing the cash, the robber threw the billfold under Charles' car parked nearby. So Wallace did not have to drive back to Washington without a driver's license after all. "He was nice not to disturb our slumber," said Wallace.

Wallace and his son, Bill, 6, left Tuesday morning after visiting Wallace's mother, Mrs. Lola Mann, 1111 Bolivar, for two weeks. He is a rather famous musician. He is flutist with the National Symphony, in Washington, D. C.

Mrs. Wallace Mann, and the little girl, 3, are with her parents in Clarksburg, W. Va. Her father had a heart attack recently.

Eli Cox's diamond-studded medal, presented to him by Southwestern life, when he completed his first million dollars of life insurance sold, was found in Fort Worth and returned to him. It has considerable intrinsic value, but the sentimental value is even greater.

I didn't change anything in that article, but I am surprised at how many grammar errors it contains for something that was written by a reporter and published in a newspaper.

I had a similar event happen to me once...when I was moving in 1996, a thief broke into my hotel room while I was asleep and took my cash. I was kind of freaked out about it, but I guess it's good my cash was all they took. Anyhow, let's get to the diary entry here:

August 4, 1953

Charles received his wings at Enid, Oklahoma, in December 1952 (also got a medal for making highest academic grades.) I went up for the ceremony. Visited with Nora and Bill Stagg in Oklahoma City on the way to Enid. Had such a nice visit. Am very proud of Chaarles - he is is a good boy.

He was home for a nice visit Christmas, then was stationed for two months at Sheppard Field, Wichita Fallas, and while there was able to come home often. He was next stationed in San Antonio for approximately five months and came home often from there - so we are really spoiled. He is now in Topeka, Kansas at Forbes AFB.

Wallace and bill came home for a two week visit in May 1953. Enjoyed them so much.

The next diary page the top half is missing for some reason...I don't know if it was torn out by Lola later, or if it was just damaged. It's the only missing part of the whole diary though. I'll pick up with the rest of the entry now:

Ida is in the hospital - Geneva and Jess have been in California for approximately 18 months and they are here on a visit. Mammy is living with Ida and they fuss and feud all the time. Haggard and Etta are supposed to come for a visit this week - Sue is now a mother - married, divorced and a baby in the space of 6-7 months. Have not seen the baby.

Jemmie Neel Wright is working now - part time - and is good help. A smart little girl.

I am no longer teaching. Am working on my yard too hard. Am feeling pretty good - better than in the past. My eyes are far from well - but are much better now.

I am now active in two service clubs - the Soroptomist Club and Business and Professional Womens Club. Am president of the latter club this year.

Our beloved Dr. Roger D. Hebard resigned and left our church in August 1952. We were without a pastor from that time until July 11, 1953 when Dr. L.B. Reams came to us. He and family seem fine in every way and I do hope the church responds to his leadership in fine fashion.

OK, that's all for today. See you tomorrow for another diary entry, and the last day of NABLOPOMO for 2009!


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