Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXXIII

May 5, 1950

A whole year has passed and many changes. Mrs. Waefsohn died in August 1949 very suddenly and very mysteriously while visiting in California. She left everything to Jo except $3000 to the church and a few gifts to relatives. Our class is lost without her. I am trying to teach.

Wallace and Rainee have a darling little girl named Lisa. She was born March 31, 1950. I went up there on April 10 and have been home one week. They seem very happy - two darling children. The baby looks more like our family than Bill does.

Charles is graduating at Texas tech on 5-22-50, and on the 13th of June will go to Pittsburgh, PA to work for Westinghouse. I cannot realize my baby is grown.

My cousin Lisa had kind of a wild youth (life in the sixties, I guess) but she eventually settled down, got married, and had two kids of her own. However, she was tragically killed in a car accident in 1981...was in a coma for a week or so and never recovered.

My father got a degree in electrical engineering, and ended up working for Westinghouse until he retired, except for his period of service in the Air Force. He said only a couple of people in his graduating class had job offers...there were a lot of veterans getting their degrees in 1950 and the job market was very competitive.

Cora bought Mrs. Buckingham's old home, fixed it up and moved there. It looks nice and she is very proud of it. I had my house fixed up - spent $4000 and it looks very nice. Mama and I are very comfortable there. She is not well and I worry about her.

February 16, 1951

Charles graduated Texas Tech in May 1950 and has been with Westinghouse since that time, but he has enlisted in the Air Force and I am grieved to death.

Dad enlisted in the Air Force because he didn't want to be drafted with the promise that he could go to an officer training program and become a pilot as soon as a spot opened up. He did indeed attend that program later on and did get his wings, but being enlisted back then sure didn't sound like much fun from the way he described it. He was worried that if he got drafted it might be into a different branch of the service which is why he went ahead and enlisted.

Our little Lisa is bad sick, Wallace phoned last night. I am very worried.

April 9, 1951

The children are both coming home this month. Charles for a visit before joining the Air Force and Wallace and Rainee and children to be here too. I can hardly wait.

July 24, 1951

The children were all at home for two weeks in May and I did enjoy them so much. Lisa is a most adorable child and Bill is sweet as ever. Charles and Wallace played golf daily and it took Mama, Rainee, and I the full time to cook, watch the children and wash, etc. Such a busy, happy, full two weeks.

Charles went to the Air Force on May 29, was sent to San Antonio, Lackland Field, and has been there since. He is being sent to Lubbock to Reese AFB this week - he is glad to get back to Lubbock.

Mama had a bad sick spell the first of June and was in the hospital for three days. She is not at all well and I am uneasy about her. Robbie came up and stayed with me and helped out. I am having a lot of trouble with my eyes - worried about it too.

See you again tomorrow with more tales from the 1950s!


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