Friday, November 27, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXXII

May 22, 1948

Wallace and Rainee and the precious baby William are due to arrive for a visit today. Mama and I sat on the front porch last night until 10:00 looking for them. Maybe they will get here this morning - they were supposed to start from West Virginia Wednesday and we have had no words. They may have had car trouble.

They have an unfurnished apartment now, $60 per month, and have bought some furniture. I am so glad for now the baby has a yard.

December 8, 1948

Well things are still moving along. Charles is back at Texas Tech again this year. Staying in Doak Hall, works for room and board and is perfectly delighted with the school. He registered with the draft board on September 10 - has not had any word. We hare hoping he can finish his school work before being called for his period of service in the Army.

I have never really understood why the draft continued so long after the end of WWII. I mean, I know it was needed during Korea, and Vietnam...but some form of draft continued nonstop from when it began at the start of WWII until the early 1970's. Oh well. Anyhow, back to the entry:

Wallace and family had a nice visit here this summer but we want to see them again. He will not be here again this year. I hope to go up in the spring. William is talking now. Want to see him so bad.

Mama is fine - bless her heart. I do not know what on earth I'd do without her. Cora has had a sick spell - surely did miss her. She is invaluable to me.

Wilbur has quit Bennett Printing Company after 26 years and is training with Maverick-Clark Company. Seems to be delighted with work.

Martha graduated TSCW this summer with honors. She is working in Dallas for an insurance company. I am delighted.

Elsie is in Arizona for the winter - trying to recover from TB. She is much better.

January 28, 1949

I have celebrated my 54th birthday very quietly. It is extremely cold. Supposed to be three degrees below zero - snow and ice everywhere.

I went to see Wallace and family January 9th and stayed two weeks. The baby had scarlet fever but recovered very quickly. While in DC I attended two concerts and at one Wallace played a solo. Enjoyed it more than I can tell. We attended the inauguration of President Truman. Rainee is such a gracious hostess and made me so welcome. They are having to move - in process of buying a home.

Charles made good grades at Texas Tech. He is such a wonderful son. Mama is fine - what would I do without her.

See you tomorrow as we finish the 1940's and move into 1950!


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