Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXXI

October 2, 1947

Dear Aunt Carrie died September 22, 1947. She was a sweet, dear thing - loved young people, life, and the church. Was active to the last week of her life. Had just returned from a trip to see King at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and to see Hattie in Amarillo.

Zelma has improved and has been sent home from the hospital. I am so glad for she was needed so badly at home. She was so critically ill for one month.

December 17, 1947

Charles has not been home since he left September 15 for Lubbock and we are eagerly anticipating his arrival home next Sunday for the Christmas holidays. Wallace cannot make it. Has not been home for Christmas since December 1941.

Aunt Sallie Witt died last week after a long illness. Blessed relief. Uncle Everett is coming to see us soon. Carolyn's baby, Barbara Jo, is darling. Laura Bea whose baby Roger is seventeen months old, and baby Ann is four months old, had an emergency appendectomy November 26 and is doing fine.

I'm feeling good - working hard.

April 17, 1948

Well spring is here again and already I am dreading the hot weather. Charles came home for the Easter holiday (last Sunday in March.) He likes Texas Tech very much and I am glad. He is a precious child and I do not see how I could live without him.

Wallace, Rainee, and the baby are planning to come next month and I can hardly wait to see them. Wallace has bought a secondhand car and I am sure was "trimmed" since he paid above price quoted here and has had to put in new rings already. I am afraid there is something wrong with the job setup there too but can't get any direct information. Wish I could help him more but I must help Charles until he is through school.

Mama is well except a bothersome rash on her hands. She is trying to garden some. Uncle Everett came last week and he looks very bad. He is living with Douglas and not too happy in Lubbock. Wish he could go back to Amarillo.

Martha will graduate in August. She is a precious girl and I love her to death. Robbie and Wilbur were up Sunday. Wilbur is unhappy with Benett P. Co. Wish he had a business of his own. Wish Wilbur did not worry so and wish to high heaven Robbie would relax and just take things easy and enjoy herself. I love her so - my only sister - but she will not listen. Guess she thinks I'm off the beam and maybe I am.

My Uncle Wallace, while he struggled for a few years, did end up making a good living as a flutist. However, he always had a bit of trouble living within his means. He was a good provider for his family though.

I never really knew my great-Aunt Robbie (she died when I was seven) but I do remember Wilbur pretty well. I have heard that Robbie was a bit high-strung and VERY particular about her, she would dust her whole house every day. I am sure she was a nice lady though. Dad said he learned a lot from Wilbur about being a successful salesman when he was starting with Westinghouse, and I think he looked up to Wilbur some as a surrogate father figure after his Dad passed away. I still have an old Cross pen/pencil set that belonged to Wilbur that Martha, his daughter, gave me when I graduated high school.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and see you again tomorrow!


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