Monday, November 23, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXVIII

June 19, 1946

Well it has come hot weather. Have had such a cool spring - no warm weather until June 15.

Had a place burned off my hand three weeks ago and have had the dickens with it. Still sore and going to the doctor. Mama has had an infected eye - we are a mess.

Cora and I both got our hair cut short and a permanent this week - I do mean short. It is wonderfully comfortable.

Wallace has had flu and is recovered.

July 27, 1946

Well I got my new car July 5, 1946. Paid $735 and my 1938 car for it - $1239 full price. Was offered $2000 cash for it but guess I'll not sell it for Charles would be so unhappy.

I think that immediately after WWII, cars were in very short supply because none had been produced during the war, and everyone wanted a new one. Sounds like Lola got a pretty good deal on hers. Of course, $1239 was a lot more money back then than it is now.

We are having a meeting. C. E. Matthews doing the preaching. He is a grand preacher but we are not having the response we wanted. Attendance is very poor.

August 14, 1946

Well yesterday was the big event in our lives since my first grandchild was born. Wallace called and the baby, a little boy, was born 8-13-1946 at 2 AM and weighed 8 lbs 2 oz. He was born on Rainee's birthday. She was 23. Wallace will be 24 Saturday. They said they would name the baby William Edward - same initials as Earl and son, however the name Edward is Rainee's father's name. Of course I can hardly wait to see him and they plan to come when he is one month old.

Today is fairly hot but not the excessive heat we have had. Has been 107 degrees several days - extremely uncomfortable.

Aunt Leta, Nathan, and Olivia were here yesterday. She looks grand.

I can't imagine living through a humid 107 degree day in Texas with no air conditioning, but of course people did just that for a long, long time.

More tomorrow!


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