Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXVII

May 18, 1946

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and Mama and I sat by the fire all day. Wallace and Rainee called long distance Saturday night. They sounded as if they were in Denton. They are well and oh so happy. Charles sent me one dozen beautiful roses. They are the sweetest, grandest boys in the world and I am certainly proud of them both. Rainee is a darling and so sweet to write to me.

Mr. Patterson has resigned here and is going to be International Harvester dealer at Whiteston. He has also bought interest in a private school at Lancaster, Texas. They have not moved.

I am working hard these days but am making a good salary and very happy for that. Cora is doing fine - like her very much.

Wallace is working for the Veteran's Administration now between symphony seasons. Only makes $160 per month but that helps. I am going to send them the money to come home this fall. I am crazy to see them and then there will be the baby.

June 3, 1946

Georgia had a major operation May 18 and is now at home and doing fine. Ida is walking on crutches; broke a bone in her foot about six weeks ago. She has had a time. I went to Dr. Hinkle for a check and he advises an operation but I am going to postpone it as long as possible. I am not well at all and know I should go on but can't see my way clear to go right now.

I have no idea what type of operation Lola is referring to here, but considering she lived another forty years after this entry was written I presume it wasn't anything too serious.

Carolyn made three A's and two B's this semester in college. I am very proud of her. Homer and family are here for his vacation. His wife is cute as she can be. Homer looks fine.

OK, that's all for today...more tomorrow!


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