Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXVI

March 12, 1946

Well the winter is gone and spring is really upon us. Wallace has finished his first season with the National Symphony and has gotten a small raise for next year but he has a hard time there for living expenses are so high. Rainee is getting along fine and I am so very glad.

Martha was one of the Red Bud Primroses and we were very proud of her. She was also selected president of her class for next year.

Zelma and Matt came up last Sunday and neither are well. Matt has an infected eye and it looks so bad. Zelma isn't well at all.

I let my car go in to try and get a new one and am walking these days. Sure wish I hadn't been so silly for heaven only knows when I'll get one. Cora is nice to take me home but I sure miss it.

We have a new mayor - J.L. Yarburgh. Mr. Breston had served for eight years but was badly defeated. It looks like Mr. Patterson is going to loose his job too. New school board has not met - nothing known definitely but it is generally nosied around. I would hate very much for him to loose out because I was so very fond of him.

Denton was still a fairly small city back then, and Lola lived close to downtown, where she worked...which is how she was able to get by with no car. She also knew most of the local politicians; I think this had to do with her office being located near the courthouse as well as doing credit bureau business with most all of the local businessmen. Of course, in a small town, it's a lot easier to know who everyone is...I'm afraid that living in a big city, that's not something I'll ever be able to claim.

Back tomorrow with more tales from the 1940s!


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