Friday, November 20, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXV

December 15, 1945

Mrs. Parmer is leaving today to take a position at the 1st Methodist Church as secretary. She has worked up here for 25 years and I hate to see her go. She is getting a better salary though and cannot blame her.

Cora Wilkinson is starting in and will be up here with me. She is trying hard and I know will be fine later on.

No word from Wallace for two weeks. He has been on tour - hope to get a letter soon. Sent his Christmas box last Monday. Mama sent check today.

February 23, 1946

Well time rolls on. Here it is up in 1946 and how the days fly by. Cora is doing fine and we do have a good time. She certainly does try to please and we get along fine.

The stupendous news is that I am to be a grandmother in August. The children are so happy and so am I. Wallace is on a southern tour and Rainee is in New York now. Will not likely see them before the baby arrives.

Due to Wallace getting married and having kids at a young age, and Dad getting married in his late thirties (as well as being about seven years younger than Wallace) my oldest cousin on Wallace's side of the family has children that are about my age, which I always thought was kind of funny. On both sides of my family, I'm the youngest of my generation...which could be annoying at times growing up, but doesn't bother me now.

Jess has returned from overseas and so has Ritchey. They both look grand.

I resigned my teaching position with the Eugelian class last month and am back in the T&L class now. Hated to give up the class as I had taught it for over five years but felt I did not have the time to devote to it. They gave me two beautiful wool blankets and I am very proud of them. They had intended getting me a watch and I bought one with the check Mama gave me for Christmas. They were very chagrined, bless their hearts.

I am not sure if I spelled "Eugelian" correctly since it was kind of hard to read, but I'm pretty sure that Lola is referring to Sunday school classes she participated in. She was very knowledgeable about the bible and was active in her church for many, many years.

On the first of the year I got a $50 raise that certainly helped out. I am getting along fine now. Can live nicely and comfortably on my income.

Martha and Charles are doing fine. Charles made average grades...Martha, super. She made seven "A"s. Very proud of her.

Well, that's all for today...hope everyone has a nice weekend and is looking forward to Thanksgiving!


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