Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXIX

December 20, 1946

Moved office from J.C. Penney Building to McClurkan Building December 7. Office much nicer. New office furniture very nice and thrilled over change.

Mama has been sick three weeks. Just can't seem to get well.

William has a tooth, before 4 months old. Bless his baby heart. They will not get to come for Christmas.

February 13, 1946

Well William is six months old today and I'd give a lot to see him. Wallace says he laughs all the time. Wallace is on a southern tour through North Carolina and South Carolina this week.

Yesterday was Charles's 18th birthday, he is a junior in Teachers College and I am very proud of him. Made 2 A's and 1 B last semester. He will register this week but think perhaps will not have to have military training.

He had a big birthday. I gave him a leather notebook, Mama a Kodak, Wallace a check for $3 and Robbie a cake and $2, Ida a lovely white muffler and Cora a nice tie pin. We had a nice dinner and a good time. Cora and Jimmy ate with us.

July 15th, 1947

On June 4, 1947, Charles and I left Denton for a three weeks trip East. We went through Sulphur Springs to Tesxarkana on to Little Rock, Arkansas, then to Memphis, Tennessee. We stopped the first night in Humboldt, Tennessee. The next day we went through the western part of Tenessee up through Kentucky - stopping at Boling Green, Mammoth Cave, etc., then into Ohio, staying the second night there. The third day we went on to Clakrsburg, West Virginia, stopping with Mrs. Rose for a day and night - then on to Washington, D.C. for a two weeks visit with Rainee and Wallace and that precious baby.

We had a perfect visit - saw so many interesting things besides enjoying every minute with the children. Went sighseeing every day. Also got to attend two concerts and hear Wallace play. Saw all the interesting government buildings - Mt. Vernon, etc. Came home via Skyline drive, Natural Bridge, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Jackson & Vicksburg, Mississippi; Shreveport, Louisiana; Dallas etc.

The most wonderful trip I ever took and every minute was fine. Charles had the time of his life. Mama stayed with Robbie and found her well on our return.

Cora did fine with the office. The Retail Credit Co. has a full time reporter now and I no longer have that source of income and miss it sorely, but I have a much easier time. Mrs. Knight now has a collection department in the office that will pay something eventually, and I will make out fine.

Charles is dieting. He got to where he weighed 260 pounds and went on a diet about two months ago and has lost 35 pounds. He has painted porches, chairs, etc. since we came home; starts back to school next Friday. I have dieted with Charles and now weigh 155 - having lost 12 pounds. I am feeling pretty good.

Martha is in school this summer and is the same sweet old girl. Carolyn is pregnant. She and her husband are living with Manny and seem perfectly contented. Homer and Mildred have moved back to Denton from Dallas. He now runs the little store for Jim - he is a partner there.

Dad didn't get really skinny until he went in the Air Force; after that he stayed pretty trim by dieting intermittently throughout the years until he was in his late sixties. Towards the end of his life eating was about his only pleasure so he stopped worrying about his weight too much. I wish he'd been able to quit smoking as well...had he managed that when the doctors told him to quit, he might still be around today...but that is another story for another post.

More tales from the 1940's tomorrow!


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