Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXIII

September 4, 1945

September 2, 1945 was official V.J. Day. Charles, Mama, and I listened to the broadcast as the representative of Japan and of the United states joined in signing the papers. It was thrilling to know peace had come at last and that the United Nations had been victorious. God grant that there never be another war.

Japan officially surrendered on August 15, 1945. The announcement was made on August 14 in the United states due to time zone differences. The formal surrender did take place on September 2, however, on board the battleship U.S.S. Missouri. According to Wikipedia the VJ Day term has been applied to both August 15 and September 2. Of course, Lola's wish was not granted and wars have continued off and on since then...but there never has been a war on the scale of WWII again, so maybe her wish came partly true, at least.

My father told me an interesting tale from August 15, 1945: right after Japan announced they were surrendering, he was still working at the fire department. He was in a fire truck with the sirens going en route to a fire...but all of the cars on the road thought they were celebrating the end of the war, and didn't realize they actually were going to put out a fire, so nobody pulled over to let them drive by. They made it to the fire eventually, of course, but it took longer than it should have.

It's interesting for me to realize there has been no similarly huge, worldwide celebration of this scale in my lifetime...I was alive for the lunar landings, but I don't remember them. I guess the biggest historical event I have lived through was 9/11, but of course that was not a happy day at all. Lets get back to the diary entry:

Wallace and Rainee are in Biloxi, Miss. and are enjoying it immensely. Do not know yet just when he will be released. Mama, Charles and I went to Proper Sunday and enjoyed being with Leonard and Robert and all so much.

October 6, 1945

Wallace got his discharge from the Army September 28th up at Sheppard Field. He rushed home and he and Rainee left on the 4:30 PM train for Washington, D.C. where he will be 1st flutist in the National Symphony Orchestara this year. They will live in Washington. He is thrilled to death. The season starts October 2. He and Rainee are now in West Va. for a visit with her parents.

Wallace held that same position of 1st flutist in the National Symphony for many years. He was eventually forced to retire in the early 1980's due to a personality conflict with a new conductor. As I have mentioned a few times during my transcribing, Wallace gained a lot of weight after he quit smoking in the 1950's weighed around 300 lbs after that. Although Wallace's weight gain never affected his flute playing, this new conductor didn't like the fact that he was so overweight...there may have been other motivations as well; I'm not sure. Wallace probably would have retired within a few years anyhow since he was over 60 when that happened, but it's all water under the bridge now.

Aunt Carrie has been very ill. She went out to Albuquerque to visit kin. She became very ill on the train and they brought her home two weeks ago and she has been very ill since that time.

I have been very busy in the office. Courtesy cards have come back and oil companies are getting a large volume of reports about October 1.

Bob Allman has his discharge and he and Zova Nell are here. They will live with Mrs. Parmer.

I have mentioned that I have to guess sometimes on name spellings due to this being a handwritten diary...that last couple sentences is one of the times I guessed. Zova was what the name looked like to me but it could be something else entirely.

Back tomorrow as we journey into peacetime!


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