Monday, November 16, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXII

August 8, 1945

Well things move along - many sad things have happened this month. Dad (J.S.) Hammond died. He was a good man and dearly loved by his family. Earl thought him a good honest man - I am sorry about his death. Bill Wright - another good friend - died Friday 3rd of August - I thought so much of Bill. Cooter Hastings was killed in action in the Pacific - his mother is such a good friend and I grieve with her. Jack Fry, Bill Smith's son, was burned with his plane in Galveston. Leaves a wife and baby - so sad.

My boy is still in Sioux Falls. Rainee was with us three weeks but went up there July 28th. I am glad they can be together.

The greatest scientific discovery of late years - the atomic bomb - has been perfected and used for the first time in this warfare. One small bomb has wiped out a large Japanese city. I shudder to think of the possibilities of such a weapon. I only hope it is used to prevent wars.

Another cool observation of history as it happened that makes reading this diary so enjoyable to me. Let's continue with one more diary entry:

August 10, 1945

Russia joined England, China , and the U.S and declared war on Japan Wednesday, August 8. Early this morning Japan radioed surrender, agreeing to terms of Potsdam conference except that they retain the Emporor. If the leaders of the four nations agree to this - it means the end of this terrible war - God grant it.

Leonard came by to see me and he looks wonderful. Much better than when he was so fat. He only weighs 167 pounds. Just about the size of Wallace.

Leonard was not a skinny man when I knew him, but neither was he hugely fat...I would guess he probably weighed around 200 or so. Wallace, on the other hand, ended up weighing over 300 for many years after a big weight gain in the 1950's...quitting smoking was a real challenge for him, evidently. Funny how things change over time. More tales from the 1940's return tomorrow!



Suldog said...

Funny how such momentous happenings are mentioned so "Oh, by the way..." in diaries. My Mom kept a diary at about the same time 0 she was 13 or so - and war news always took a back seat to her descriptions of movies, what she had for dinner, etc.

Chuck said...

Suldog - Yeah, I guess when you are trying to live a normal life, the war events take a back seat as to what is going on around you.