Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XXI

June 23, 1945

Well today Wallace called and they have been at the Adolphus hotel all week. Bless his heart he is simply walking on air. He asked me to meet him at his Datee's tomorrow - which happens to be Robbie and Wilbur's silver anniversary. I bought her a silver server today. Hope she doesn't have one. Wallace and Rainee will come home with us.

Robbie and Wilbur were my great-aunt and great-uncle. Dad was rather close to Uncle Wilbur, and said he learned a lot from them. I still have a pen set Wilbur owned that I got for graduation from high school. Datee was a nickname Robbie used; sorry if that is confusing.

The Adolphus hotel is still in business and is a very swanky place from what I hear. Queen Elizabeth stayed there once when she visited America, for example. It was featured briefly in the movie Borat for those of you who have seen it (I haven't) and I first heard about it when reading some commentary about the movie. (The clip featuring the hotel can be seen here if you're interested.) I have been wanting to check the hotel out; knowing that my uncle stayed there over 60 years ago now makes me want to even more. Should be good material for a future blog post.

July 9, 1945

Wallace and Lorraine were here one week and he left for Sioux Falls, S.D. Rainee went to Dallas to visit last Tuesday. Do not know when she is coming back. No word from Wallace and do not know where he will be stationed.

Charles took a job at the north side Fire Station and has moved up bag and baggage. I doubt if it is the right thing to do. He is very young and is getting to feel pretty important since he is going to Teacher's College.

It may seem odd that my father could get hired as a firefighter at the age of 16, but you also have to consider that this still being wartime, the majority of men who would fill those jobs and were able-bodied were all in the military. (Back then, it was a male only profession.) Also, Denton was a fairly small city at the time. I don't know how much formal training Dad received...I think it was mostly a "learn as you go" deal from the experienced firemen...but I do know he worked as a firefighter for several months there.

The Teacher's College that Lola is referring to is now known as the University of North Texas. It is a good school and Dad fulfilled a lot of his undergrad requirements there but he wanted to go into engineering, which they do not offer, so he eventually transferred to Texas Tech in Lubbock. That is discussed later in the diary, though, so I won't go into details right now.

Back tomorrow with more tales from the 1940's!


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