Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XX

June 4, 1945

Charles entered Teacher's College Monday and is taking English and Algebra. He thinks he will like it fine. He really needs to work for I am having tough sledding making both ends meet. My old car has gone to the shop and costs me so much.

Zelma, Anita, and Jerry came up yesterday and are paying us a little visit. Zelma looks perfectly wretched, and is certainly far from well. Her side drain s all the time. Jerry is sweet as can be but runs his mother ragged. Anita seems a grown young lady.

June 16, 1945

A telegram came from Wallace June 14, saying he and Rainee would be married Sunday June 17, in Oberlin. I could not go for the wedding and know no details. They will probably come home next week sometime. I am so anxious for them to come on for the thirty days is rapidly passing.

I believe that Wallace got thirty days of leave when he got back to the US from Europe and that is what Lola is referring to here.

She is a cute, sweet little girl and I will love her dearly but I hate for Wallace to get married until after the war, but he is of age and I cannot do a thing about it. I do hope he does not have to go to the Pacific and that they do not have too much trouble in their lives. Bless their hearts - I know that life will not all be a bed of roses.

As it turns out, Wallace did not have to go to the Pacific, and while Lola was correct in her observation that life was not always a bed of roses, he and Rainee were married for over fifty years.


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