Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XVIII

May 4, 1945

We moved our office back across the hall today into the office we had before we moved in with Mr. Barton. We were glad to get home.

The war news all points to an early victory in Germany. Fighting has ceased in Italy - Berlin has fallen to the Russians and the German soldiers are giving up by the hundreds of thousands. No word from my precious solder in a week. I feel sure he is being or has been moved from Italy.

I finally got that old note of Earl's paid off and certainly feel relieved. Fred Harper has certainly proved himself a friend to me. He helped me get it settled and saved me $350 or more on the deal. Old W.C. Orr is a crooked so and so.

I presume Lola is talking about paying off the mortgage on her house there, but I'm not positive. I do know that last term she used sounds mild by today's standards, but Lola had to be furious with someone to call them a crooked so and so.

Fred Harper was Lola's cousin and a very nice guy. Very sharp, also, and a chess expert...he stayed active with that game well into his 80's. He had lost both his hands as a boy in a farm accident but never let it slow him down a bit. Anyhow, back to the entry:

Charles has helped me all day today and now has gone to help Mama get her yard in good condition. It has been such a mess - and she has been very unhappy about the deal.

Poor little old Zelma has been dreadfully sick. She went to the hospital six weeks ago, and was there over three weeks. She had surgery and was dreadfully ill. Her gall bladder ruptured four years ago and stones had formed and packed into her intestines. She is still sick and I am uneasy about her.

Anita had been working but is staying at home with her mother now. Jerry stayed two aor three weeks with his granddaddy and grandmother but is back home now.

Dad quite enjoyed yardwork, and I find that is something I inherited to an extent...not that I miss having to mow the yard every week, but it is satisfying when you have a nice, green, well-manicured yard to relax in and know that your hard work helped get it into shape. Still, I'm happy enough with apartment life for now.

Back tomorrow with more tales from the 1940's!



Suldog said...

I've been reading, but not commenting. The commentary would be mostly superfluous - saying how much I enjoy this and all. Still, good to let you know once in a while :-)

Anonymous said...

I second what Sully said; I really am enjoying hearing from Lola every day! :)

I can't help but wonder now what happened to Zelma! Poor thing, indeed!

Chuck said...

Suldog - glad you are enjoying the entries!

Thimbelle - I believe Zelma gets mentioned again...look for it sometime this weekend.