Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XVII

March 31, 1945

Tomorrow is Easter. Robbie, Wilbur, and Martha are coming up for dinner. Ida gave us a couple of fryers. They are so nice. I bought some strawberries and we will have shortcake, also new potatoes, new English peas, hot rolls, etc.

Do wish my boy was home from the terrible war and could be with us. He has gone on his second mission bombing Amstettin, Germany. The war news is very encouraging in the West. Do not see how Germany can last much longer. They are giving up by the thousands. Morning paper states Eisenhower took 60,000 prisoners in two days fighting.

April 23, 1945

Much has happened in the past month. Wallace has completed 10 missions and was safe one week ago for we had a letter today written last Monday. The Russians have entered Berlin and there is fierce fighting in the heart of the city. It is a huge enigma to the Allies that the German people will go on fighting, blindly following the orders laid down to them by the Nazi warlords who have fled and left them to their fate. The great conference will meet this week in San Francisco.

Last Thursday, April 12, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died suddenly. The whole nation went into mourning. I do not know what affect his sudden death will have on the world but the new President Truman seems to have taken hold of affairs in a most gratifying manner. I do hope that the people will stand behind him and uphold him. Earl, the boys and I were great admirers of President Roosevelt and the boys and I feel a personal loss in his going.

Charles is broken out with poison ivy and is a sight. It seems to me there is always something wrong with him.

These last couple of entries, discussing history as it was happening, are some of the most entertaining parts of Lola's diary to read, I think. I do like reading about what she thought of how things were going as well.

Dad was actually didn't get sick too much when I was growing up, so I think he may have just been having a bad run of luck in 1944-45...also, I'm sure that recovering from that bad infection he had did a number on his immune system for a while.


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