Monday, November 09, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XV

February 10, 1945

No word from Wallace since he wrote and gave his A.P.O. numbers. We are, of course, very anxious to hear.

Yesterday your Sunday school class had a nice banquet at the T.S.C.W. Tea Room and everything was lovely. The tables were beautiful and the meal was good. I made a speech. Oh my. May Boyd was toastmistress and she was a honey.

I have heard that Lola was actually a very good speaker at events like that, but I'm sure it would make anyone nervous. She was quite a sharp lady.

Charles went to McKinney last night with George Hubbard to a ball game and they had a fine time. Didn't come in until 1:30 AM. Oh he is getting big and that is the truth.

February 20, 1945

We had a censored letter from Wallace Saturday February 17, and it was written February 9 at some island. Had another letter written February 12 from somewhere in Africa. Expecting to leave there for his destination soon. He is well and seeing lots of sights.

Charles is ill today, broken out all over. It appears to be measles but cannot tell. Have in a call for Dr. Hindle. A letter from Robbie and Wilbur is sick. Mama and I have rheumatism today. It is cold and has been raining four days. Bad on aching bones.

Sorry I haven't been adding more commentary to these recently, but I hope everyone is still enjoying them. Reading about everyone's various illnesses does make me realize just how far medicine has come since then in some ways...back then, everyone was just expected to get those childhood illnesses at some point, since there were no vaccines. Anyhow, see you all tomorrow, as my NABLOPOMO posting frenzy continues.


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