Friday, November 13, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XIX

May 21, 1945

The war in Europe ended Monday May 7. The forces there will be moved to the Pacific as rapidly as possible. I had a letter from Wallace written April 27 in which he stated that he was leaving Italy and could not tell where he was being sent but stated that it was good news. Of course good news could be but one thing and that would be his return to America. I do hope that we are not disappointed.

The official VE Day is May 8, 1945, but Germany surrendered on May 7...the day the surrender formally was accepted is May 8. Hitler committed suicide on April 30. This historical aside is brought to you by Wikipedia.

This is truly a spring of graduations in our family. Charles and Martha are in their last week at Denton High and Highland Park High. Lorraine is to graduate at Oberlin. I sent her a blouse today. Will give Martha $10 and have bought Charles a nice suit. Mama and Wallace gave him a watch.

June 7, 1945

Wallace landed at Newport News, Virginia May 24, 1945 after a nine day boat trip from Naples, Italy. He got home Wednesday May 30 and was here for Charlie's graduation. He left Monday June 4 to go to Oberlin Ohio for a visit with Rainee. They are to go to Clarksburg, West Virginia to visit her parents tomorrow. He looks marvelous and seems perfectly well.

Sorry about the short entry today, but I do want to pace things so that I have enough entries to last me through most of November. I am over halfway through the transcription already so things should be finished up within a couple of weeks.

It was nice that my uncle could be home for my father's graduation from high school...and, of course, VERY nice that he made it home from Europe safely. A lot of soldiers weren't so lucky. See you once again tomorrow!


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