Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XIV

January 30, 1945

Wallace finished his training at Tuscon, Arizona on January 12, 1945 and had eight days to get to Topeka, Kansas. Charles and I met him in Dallas Saturday morning January 13. We went out to Robbie's and had breakfast with her, and Martha Lou came home with us. Wilbur and Robbie came up Sunday and we had a nice family reunion. Made some good Kodak pictures. Burt and Danie came over that afternoon and we were so happy to have them.

We had a nice visit with Wallace and found him the same sweet Wallace. He is stouter than I have ever seen him and looks grand. He had some good pictures made over at Doherty's while he was at home. He gave me a perfectly beautiful pin for my birthday. He paid $30 for it.

He was here until Friday January 19, when Charles and I took him to Ft. Worth where he had reservations on the 11:30 Santa Fe for Topeka. He returned all of his excess baggage the following week and on Saturday January 27, his letter came stating that his APO number was out of New York. I have no idea where he went. He sent his crew picture and a picture of the new plane they were given to fly over. Now we will sit and wait.

Yesterday was my 50th birthday. Wallace had given me my beautiful pin, Mama gave me a pretty table, the class a pretty birthday cake. Robbie gave me a flashy pair of house shoes and Charles gave me a pair of stockings. Mrs. Neali sent me a dressed hen, a dozen eggs, and a can of hominy. Mrs. Yeary had a little birthday party for Mrs. Harpool and I Saturday night and it was very nice. Everyone is so sweet to me - I do not deserve it.

Charles has finished the first semester of his senior year in high school. He made three A's and two B's. He is sweet, but feisty at times.

The class Lola was referring to was her Sunday school bible class, I believe...that class studied together for literally DECADES, and didn't disband until the early 1980's when there were only a few of them left that were able to attend.

My Dad was probably a very well-behaved teen, actually, but all teenagers go through a bit of pushing back to find their limits...and as I may have mentioned, a streak of stubbornness runs in the family, which Lola, my father, and I all had/have in ample measure.



Anonymous said...

Been catching up on Lola this morning - I am fascinated by how similar her life was to my grandmother's.

I remember visiting my grandparents before they had A/C (where they lived, the summers are hot AND humid) and all of the kids would spend the days running through the sprinklers, or flopped on the cool concrete floor of the garage playing "Old Maid". The shades were all drawn in the house to try and keep the sun out, and trees were planted on the south and west sides of the house to help keep it shaded. At night, the house would cool off, and we would sleep on the hardwood floors where it was coolest.

I'm still glad to have been born when I was... I loves my technology and my air conditioning!

Chuck said...

Thimbelle - I agree, AC is not something I'd like to do without for long. Dad said that growing up, when it was super hot, they would sometimes pull their mattresses outside and sleep in the backyard.