Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XIII

November 25, 1944

Iva Ruth Hendrix's hustband Gale Kimball was killed in a car wreck (died from burns - ignited in wreck) Sunday November 19, 1944. Charles and I went to Mesquite to the funeral. Mrs. Hendrix and Clayton were there. I feel so sorry for Iva Ruth, it seems only yesterday that she was a little 14 year old high school girl living next door to us.

Last Thursday November 23rd was celebrated in a great many places as Thanksgiving, however we will have no holiday until November 30th. President Roosevelt has tried to change the dates on Thanksgiving but the old date of the last Thursday in November is still holding on in many cases. We will do what celebrating we do tomorrow. Robbie and Wilbur are coming up at that time.

The war seems stepped up in fury but the end is certainly not in sight. How I wish and pray it may be over soon. Charles McClary is reported missing and so many others.

Had a nice surprise today when Mark Waldrip sent a lovely basket of flowers to the office. I appreciated it so much.

Using that great if not 100% reliable research site, Wikipedia, I find that Thanksgiving was fixed as the fourth Thursday in September by federal law starting in 1941. It sounds like the old tradition of it being the last Thursday in November held on for a few years longer, based on this diary entry. I sampled some of Lola's food growing up, and I can tell you she definitely had the old style Southern cooking recipes down, so I'm sure that they had tasty food on the 30th that year.


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