Friday, November 06, 2009

Lola's Diary, Part XII

November 11, 1944

Worked all day today. Mrs. Parnier came late and left early. I only took 20 minutes for dinner and am already tired.

The election is over and FDR beat Dewey in every way. Electoral votes 3 to 1 and polled 3,000,000 more popular votes. I do hope that settles that for a while and people shut up their criticism.

The business houses did not close today. There was a program on the Court Square honoring those who gave their lives in this war but nothing else. They banked flowers honoring them on the sidewalk.

Charles took the car and went to Dallas to see Denton and Highland Park play ball last night. They got beaten 28-7 but seemed to put up a good fight. Charles took a crowd of boys with him.

Wallace is delighted with the climate at Tuscon. He is working hard. Will not get to come home Christmas.

Earl was buried three years ago today. It seems forever.

Jess did not get in the Navy, as he desired, but is a buck private and stationed in San Antonio. I hate it.

I presume that Lola was not happy with Jess being in the Army instead of the Navy because there was a higher chance of being in combat in the Army. However, I'm not sure of's just my best guess.

It may seem odd for my grandmother to have let my father drive 30 miles to see a football game with a bunch of fellow students in the car, but Dad had quite a bit of experience driving at this point...he'd learned to drive when he was 12 or 13 after his father Earl died, and he did a lot of driving helping out with Lola's business. By the time he made that trip, he'd been driving for for a few years. I know it seems odd today, but back then there were few formal requirements for a driver's license (and of course, a lot fewer cars on the roads as well.)

Oh, and for anyone wondering how that is possible if he was a senior in high school at this point...Dad graduated high school when he was 16 for some reason. There was something to do with a switch to a different academic calendar, and his birthday, and he was also a pretty good student so he may have skipped a year at some point for that reason. Due to my birthday being in October, I was only 17 when I graduated high school myself.



StephLove said...

How cool you have that diary. What a treasure.

Chuck said...

StephLove - Yes, it's a nice piece of family history to own. Glad you are enjoying it also!