Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late Night Ramblings

Late at night after work and in the mood to type...things are going pretty well here, overall. I actually have a quasi-date next week with a gal who gave me her phone number last week when I went out one night. It's been a long time since I got a phone number, unasked for. She is a professional trainer and our first date is meeting at her gym to do a workout so I'm probably going to get my ass kicked. But it might be a good time in spite of that.

Having houseguests the last couple of weeks was very fun, but not very relaxing. My godfather Rex flew down a couple weeks ago, and then my sister flew down this past week (both of them using pass benefits.) I was worried about my sister making it back home but she ended up getting a seat on the flight she wanted. Once I found out she had gotten out of town safely, and after having kept my apartment very clean for almost two weeks straight, I treated myself to a massage at my health club late that same afternoon. I don't do that very often, but in this case I felt like I definitely deserved it.

Mom is doing pretty well, and enjoyed having visitors (my houseguests) over the last couple of weeks. We got a fair bit done on her behalf, especially while my sister was visiting, and we got her in to see a dentist at the same place I use. My dental clinic is good but not fancy and the clinic where we took Mom (same business, but a different branch than the one I go to) turned out to be in a rather sketchy area of town. I started joking about it being called "Ghetto Dental" to someone, but they didn't get the joke, which considering my sense of humor is not surprising. The office itself is fine, and the dental care there is fine...the area the office is in was not the greatest part of town, though.

In other Mom news, we discovered that her Bose radio/CD player is missing this week during my sister's visit (it was here last week when Rex visited.) We talked to the director of her facility about the issue (and this is not the first time we've had an issue, since I'm sure long term readers will remember my mother's rings going missing) and he did seem rather disturbed to find out about it. He said that if he doesn't find the stereo, he will ensure we will get a credit off of my mother's monthly bill equal to the charge of replacing it. I hope the person who took it gets caught. Actually, I would prefer to give the person who took it a 6'3", 250+ pound, personal "surprise" although I know that wouldn't be the safest legal course of action.

Closing out this rambling post, here is my original profile photo from Facebook. Several people seemed to find it rather creepy so I switched to a friendlier, cartoon-format Simpsonized self-portrait as featured on Suldog's blog. The Simpsonized portrait is the first computer-generated cartoon caricature I've seen that I thought came out actually resembling me in person.

Hope everyone is doing well and I promise a more coherent post next week at some point.


Anonymous said...

Houseguests can be *so* stressful. I was thrilled when they built three nice hotels within a mile of our house... No need to have a guest room ever again! LOL!

Glad to see that your Mom is doing well at her nursing home/assisted living facility. Sadly, personal items going missing is all too common in that setting, especially in an Alzheimer's/Dementia unit. It may be that a staff member or even another patient "borrowed" it, and it could be in any other room in the building. My Mom has actually thrown away jewelery and other valuables; we no longer allow her to keep anything in her room or bathroom that she might throw away.

Hang in there, and remember you can always join the forums over at - there are TONS of other "caregivers" over there, and lots of good advice, and great support, even for those whose LO's (Loved Ones) are in a facility.

Suldog said...

Hey, so did you get your ass kicked? :-)

Chuck said...

Thimbelle - Thanks for the suggestions! I will check out that website.

Suldog - Indeed I did.