Friday, August 07, 2009

Back From Vacation

Greetings everyone, I'm back from my California adventure. Overall, I had a pretty good time out there, and Yosemite was rather cool although I didn't get to take quite as many pictures as I'd wished (more about that later.) It was a bit warm there, and the main touristy parts were VERY crowded, but I did go on a couple of nice hikes that got away from the crowds and got to the higher altitudes where it was a bit cooler. I stayed around in the Sacramento area for a couple days after I left Yosemite and that was nice also. Even though it was warm there, it was a lot less humid than Texas. I do think if I ever make it back there, I'll try and hit it in late September or early May to avoid both the big crowds and high temps.

One word of warning for mountain driving...if you're going down a hill and decide to switch into neutral to be fuel-efficient, make sure your car is not ALREADY in neutral. I managed to pull off this brilliant move at one point and stalled out the engine, which isn't a good thing to happen when going down a mountain road, since you lose power steering and power brakes. Fortunately, I wasn't going very fast and managed to pull over and stop with the emergency brake. Also fortunately, it didn't kill the transmission, which was a nice safety feature. So after my heart rate had slowed, I continued on my merry way.

More pictures, stories, and details to come soon.

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Thimbelle said...

Hey! Finally getting caught up again on my reading. Glad to see that:

[a] Your mom is doing OK at her new facility. Sorry about her rings. :(

[b] You got your desk settled in OK. I know how hard it must have been to close the house in ABQ.

[c] You survived the dumpster-fire adventure unscathed. :)

[d] You had a great vacation!

More soon!

Thim :)