Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Various Stuff

Greetings all. Sorry I've been a lazy blogger (again.) But hey, that's nothing new for me. Everything has been going pretty well here, for the most part.

I managed to twist me knee at the start of this month when I was visiting a relative of mine in Dallas. It turned out to be a mild sprain and is starting to feel better. What happened was, I was climbing over a short fence as a shortcut to get back to the apartment, and when I put my leg down on the other side I managed to twist it when I climbed off of the fence. Nothing like a sprained knee to remind you you're not getting younger, although considering my accident-heavy past it's really nothing new either (although it was a first for this PARTICULAR injury...I have had sprained fingers and toes before, but no knees or ankles.) I did see a doctor last week; the x-rays he ordered were normal and he gave me a prescription for a good anti-inflammatory medicine.

I also found a new dermatologist...after my last one didn't biopsy the area behind my left ear, and it ended up needing a skin graft, I just wasn't keen on going back to him any more. I was overdue for a skin "checkup" anyhow. The new doctor seems nice but looks like he is about 18 or so. He's probably around 35 or more, though. He did give me some new scar gel to try out for the area where the skin was grafted from on my arm. I don't really mind the scar but sometimes people's reactions to it are kind of annoying. (What HAPPENED to your ARM?) Here is a (low-quality) picture of it:

He said that I could consider laser treatment if I want to, but I'll try the new gel for a while first and see if that helps.

Mom has been doing all right, and I try to take her out for lunch at least once a week. I should visit more often but visiting her can be fairly time consuming, so I usually do it on my days off. We went to a barbecue place last week which she enjoyed. Funny but true story...the guy who took our order was very nice, so Mom said to him, "You know, I think we might be kinfolk!" He was a black guy (from Lousiana, he said) so that's rather unlikely. He seemed to take it in stride, though. Alzheimer's is not an easy disease to deal with, but sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I've been enjoying Facebook and have met some more people through it that I knew in high school. I was a geek in high school (shocking, I know...well, I guess I'm still a geek) so I played on the chess team, and the majority of people from that team are on Facebook. I told one former teammate I had most of our old chess team friended there and he said, "You remember who was on the chess team from 22 years ago?" My memory is weird like that sometimes. I have a pretty good memory for events and certain things stick with me, but sometimes I suck at remembering names of people I just met. Oh well.

I'm staying pretty busy with travel...this coming weekend I'm flying up to Chicago to see my sister and her family. I haven't seen one of my nephews for about two years, so that should be fun even though it's a quick trip. Later in the month, my relative from Dallas is coming here to visit for a couple days, and then at the end of July, I'm going to California for about a week to visit Yosemite on my vacation. So, I'm making good use of my travel benefits this summer, even if I'm not heading overseas. I'll definitely be taking a fair amount of pictures in Yosemite. I'm also going to stay a couple days in the Sacramento area, which is where I'm flying into...I have visited there many times before but never had enough time to do much tourist stuff. So that should be fun. This is where I'm staying in Yosemite...it looks like a nice affordable way to stay there. Hope the weather is good.

As a side note, I found that by renting a car off-airport at Enterprise I could do it for about 1/3 the price of renting at the airport location. I understand rental car places have high costs at the airport but that seems like a huge price differential. So, I'm taking a shuttle to the off-airport rental place and back. That will be a little inconvenient but well worth it.

That's all for now...more later (and sooner, I hope.) Hope everyone is having a nice summer.

LATE-BREAKING UPDATE: Forgot to mention...I had one of the pictures I took from my trip to London earlier this year get selected for use in an online travel guide. I don't make any royalties or anything but I still thought it was cool. The guide can be checked out here and the photo they used can be seen here.