Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Reason I don't miss Wisconsin

Well, not this time of year at least.

Where I used to live the high temperature is forecast to be -1 tomorrow. Farenheit, not Celsius. Yikes! Of course, I lived through weather like that and survived just fine, but it's not something I'd volunteer to do again. If I ever visit, you can be assured it won't be anytime in January or February.

It's going to be cool where I live tomorrow (for us); only supposed to get up into the mid 50s. I might even have to wear a light jacket or something. Anyone living in a cold climate feel free to rub it in if I ever start complaining about the summer heat, but I'll take our hot over Wisconsin cold every time.


Suldog said...

We've got us something like -4 right now in the greater Boston region. Brrrrrrr!

lapslazuli said...

rubbing my nose in the fact that I moved to Wisconsin, voluntarily, 4 years ago? It was -12 last week...which was just a hair colder than -11, the same temp. in both celcius and farenheit. please help me. I need warm. I want to feel my feet.