Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scary Christmas Eve Moment

Greetings everyone. I don't have a lot of new stuff to write about but I thought I'd share an experience I just had. I had a notice that there was a package for me in the office today, and I went to the office to get it, but they'd already closed (this being Christmas Eve.) Anyhow, walking back from the office, I went past my old apartment. It was rented out after I moved into my new place by an older lady...I haven't ever really talked to her, but I've seen her walking to and from her car a couple of times. Anyhow, when I walked past her apartment, the door was open slightly. I got a bad feeling.

I am never sure what to do in those situations. I mean, the door COULD be open just because she wanted to air out her apartment. On the other hand, her windows were NOT open. I dillied and dallied for a moment but finally decided it was worth pushing the door open a bit more and asking if everything was OK.

I knocked on the door and got not response. I pushed the door open slightly and saw a pair of legs on the carpet. Oh Jesus, I thought. But I was yelling at the same time, "Ma'am? Is everything OK in here?"

It turned out the lady who lives there was just kneeling down next to a cabinet to put up some Christmas decorations or something, and everything was fine. I'm still not sure why she had the door open but I was rather embarrassed to be intruding, so I didn't bother asking. Actually, I kind of felt like an idiot for knocking on the door. But I'm still glad I checked, since I figure it's better to have a minor invasion of your privacy rather than be collapsed in your apartment having a heart attack or stroke with your door open, and have nobody stopping by to see if you're OK.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I actually have tomorrow night off (although I'm working tonight) and I'm planning to have dinner at my sister's place in the afternoon. See you all again soon.


Suldog said...

Hey, Chuck, you care. Score one for you, seriously. Loads of other folk would have walked on by without a thought.

Heather Meadows said...

That was a good thing you did! She should have invited you in for a cookie. ;)