Monday, November 03, 2008

What if roadies ran the airlines?

I enjoyed this commercial, but I agree with another blogger I follow, King Kaufman, that if roadies ran the airlines, flights would routinely be hours late. Passengers would sit there having no idea what was going on. Alcohol sales would probably go through the roof, though, and nobody would complain later to management.

I guess I'm prejudiced since I work within the industry, and I know flying has become a huge hassle from what it once was...but it does seem to be an industry people love to hate. My airline isn't perfect...I don't think any of them are...but everyone I work with works hard at their job, and we try to run a good on time operation as much as we can.

As for airfares, I know that the price of oil has been dropping. This doesn't mean the price of plane tickets will drop overnight. I know nothing about how fares are set but I do know it took YEARS for fare increases and schedule reductions to happen once the price of oil started climbing in the early 2000's, so I don't expect fares to drop overnight now.

This is all just from an informed layman perspective, you understand. I have nothing to do with setting fares in my job, although people sometimes ask me about them when they find out what I do. Actually, when people find out I work for the airlines, it's probably the second most common question I get. (Most common question: Oh, so are you a pilot?)

Anyhow, I'll get off my soapbox for tonight. In spite of the economy, I hope that everyone who wants to is able to travel to visit loved ones for the holidays, be it by plane or by car. And if you're flying, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that delays are reduced and things go more smoothly this year, since there are fewer planes flying right now after all the airlines reduced their schedules this fall.


Merujo said...

I hadn't seen that ad before - I'd only seen the Nextel one with "what if firemen ran the gov't."

I haven't flown anywhere in almost two years now, which is weird, since I used to be Princess Obscure Country Globe Trotter. My last flight, on Jet Blue, was really great. I felt like royalty. But that trip was the exception.

I don't envy the professionals staffing check-in desks or the flight attendants or the flight deck crews in this age of angry, messed up passengers. They should all get hazard pay.

Chuck said...

I could never be a flight attendant either, although my presence at 6'3" and 250+ pounds might intimidate some people into not complaining (but I doubt it.)

Jimmy said...

HEY PUNK!!!! I am a roadie. The 'backline stageing crew' depicted in this commercial is a stereotype. I just did Madonna's stage in San Fran, San Diego, and L.A.!!! Sticks, pass, and check stub to prove it! 35 semi's full of gear, 3 elevators, 2 lifts, 14 20x16 video boards, 346 separate lights to wire, etc. Look on her site to see the thing. HUGE! It took us 30 guys less then 14 hours to build it and only 5 and a half to tear down and load out! I was looking for the commercial and I have to see someone say that roadies would have done worse then the existing industry does now. Please... The good thing about roadies... we're smart, we actually WORK hard and fast, and we don't **** around! I bet you couldn't do it! Idiot.

Chuck said...

Jimmy - My point was not that roadies don't work hard, it was that people don't complain about them like they do about airlines if something goes wrong. Have you ever seen people lobby Congress mandating ticket refunds if their CONCERT is late? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Damn, my roadies were wayyy too hammered to pack the luggage. what? Oh fly a plane…HELL YA ..Let’s do it!