Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Postbrief and Adventures In Facebook

I did have to work last night, but everything went pretty well with Thanksgiving. Good dinner, the rolls I baked turned out OK, and it was good to see everyone. I hardly ever get a chance to see my niece, but she is doing well in school, in her senior undergraduate year at UT, and has just been accepted in to medical school. Mom was a bit disoriented but seemed to really enjoy dinner, and my sister is flying her home today.

We also had food at work...just what I needed, but it was tasty also. They had some dishes I like that weren't at my sisters...ham, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and pecan and pumpkin that made for a good post-midnight meal. I skipped breakfast. Also I had an extra tray of rolls that I baked, and everyone at work thought they were good. Yay for a successful first attempt at baking with yeast!

It was my Monday last night, so I had a bit of trouble not getting too sleepy, but there was plenty of coffee available as usual. As I mentioned yesterday, I just signed up for Facebook, and unlike MySpace, I can access Facebook at work. So anyhow, I decided to tweak my Facebook profile, since things were slow due to the reduced holiday schedule. I discovered that this is never a good thing to do if you're sleepy. When updating my profile, I put down, Single, Male, checked the appropriate boxes for "Looking For" and then intended to check "Women" for the "Interested In" box. Instead, I somehow checked "MEN."

Two hours later when I went back to look at my profile again, I was like, hmmm, that's weird, why am I seeing all these Facebook ads for gay travel and European men's underwear? (Please understand, I have nothing against that lifestyle, but it is so NOT my lifestyle.) I discovered my mistake fairly quickly, but damn, talk about embarrassing.

The good thing was, this profile change was only up between one and three AM, so it's likely nobody noticed it. I put a disclaimer comment up in case anyone did. This would have been especially bad if I hadn't noticed it right away, since I'd just friended both of my nephews and my niece yesterday evening. I can just imagine the conversations..."No guys, that is NOT why I'm still single..."

Anyhow, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and enjoys their Black Friday. Personally, I'll probably delay shopping until the last minute as usual (or at least wait another week or two) but I'll get it all done before Christmas comes. I only buy for my niece, nephs, sisters, and mother, so that makes it a bit less of a chore. Happy holidays, everyone.


Heather Meadows said...

"Oops." hehehe.

Chuck said...

Heather - Yeah, I've never turned bright red at work before...