Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post-Election Thoughts

I don't really feel like getting very political on this all I will say about my views is that I did not either donate or volunteer for either political party this time. I did attend one election rally in 2004 (back when I lived in a Swing State) but this year, living in a solidly Red State, I don't think either of the candidates campaigned here (at least not after the primaries.) I did vote (in early voting) and I enjoyed participating in the political process, as I always do. I was also glad to see record-high turnout for this election. For a slant on what an Obama presidency might mean for the aviation industry, there's a pretty good article on it here.

I have worked as a poll worker before, waaaaay back when I was in college. This would take us back to 1988, for the election of Bush the First. I remember it was a pretty busy day. Most people were friendly so it was a fairly fun job. There were a couple of people who probably were used in character development for the Grumpy Old Men movies. One guy was very upset his first name was misspelled and let us ALL know about it. We explained he'd have to contact the county clerk if he wanted it changed, and of course he never did. I worked in one other local election after that, and it was still misspelled, and he started shouting about it again. Well, not our fault. Anyhow, he got to vote. Still, overall, things weren't bad at all.

We had about three precincts voting in our one location. For some reason, our precinct's line was not that long, and a couple of the other precinct lines were long, out the door lines. We tried to keep everyone notified about our precinct line NOT being that long, but inevitably we missed someone, and had one couple that stood in the long line, was standing there at 7 PM, and then came to our table after the polls had closed (for us.) They were unable to vote, since we'd already locked down the machines. They were also not very happy, and I can't blame them, but it was fortunately an isolated incident. There was also a news crew that tried to film our table since our line was so short compared to the other precincts, but our head poll worker ran them off, telling them they weren't allowed to film inside a polling place.

All in all it was a fairly fun way to spend the day, and it actually paid decently for a poor college student (I think around $70 or so) but it was a LONG day, since we had to be there by 6 AM to start setting up and we didn't leave until after 8 PM that night. It was a fun (and slightly profitable) way to learn more about how the voting process went, so I'm glad I experienced it. If you ever have a free Tuesday the next time your city is voting on something, I'd recommend checking it out.


Anonymous said...

Nice article I hope he follows through on it.

Chuck said...

Anonymous - I agree, time will tell what happens.