Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting out of da funk

I can tell when I'm in kind of a down mood (which I have been, recently) because all my household chores don't get done. I think the recent time change and not sleeping well during the day last week didn't help any. Anyhow, my apartment was getting to be a mess, I was out of groceries, and behind on all my errands.

Today, perhaps because I was in a better mood at the start of my days off, I ran errands (including getting a long-overdue haircut), did shopping, and started cleaning my apartment. (Still got a ways to go there, and laundry to do, but it's a start.)

I'm also going to try a new gym tomorrow, as the latest one I tried out (24 Hour Fitness) was nice enough, but not really working out well for me, for whatever reason. This is another thing that I tend not to do when in a down mood...exercise...even though I should, because it helps improve your mood. Also, regular exercise helps me keep my weight in control, and prevents me from not being in a funk about that.

Other than the volunteer program I was involved with earlier this year, I haven't really made any effort to socialize much outside of work, and I think that's a mistake. I did recently sign up for this thing called Meetup that helps you meet people with similar interests (and it's free) so we will see how that goes. This year has been kind of a rough one in spots...getting a skin graft done, dealing with my Mom being in hospital, etc...but I have nobody to blame except myself for not making a bigger effort to make friends locally.

I am looking forward to being more active socially next year, when I will be OFF OF GRAVEYARD SHIFTS! If you can't tell, I'm a bit tired of them, and I was able to snag a regular 2 PM-10 PM line for 2009. I also did some shift trades for the rest of this month, so I will pretty much only have the month of December left on graves, before I go back to working my personal favorite shift. I tend to do a bit more socializing with people at work after the swing shifts end...which I haven't done much of this year, perhaps not surprisingly, since few people want to go out after work at 6 AM when you're working the schedule I'm on now.

Sorry if this post is a bit dull. But hey, it is NaBloPoMo, and I've been good about posting every day of the month so far. I have off for the rest of the week so I'll try and work on something with a bit more dramatic narrative here shortly. Hope everyone is having a good week, and I will see you tomorrow.

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