Friday, September 12, 2008


Yes, I know I haven't been posting, soon after I made a promise to post regularly. It's been kind of a crazy week, but I do have off this weekend, so I thought I'd use the time to give everyone an update, before Babar breaks my pinkie.

As I have mentioned previously, my mother is suffering from dementia, most likely Alzheimer's. On a recent trip my sister made we determined for various reasons that my mother needed 24-hour care. Mom didn't take well to this at all and began fighting with her caregivers (which is totally out of character for her.) Anyhow, things got so bad that one of my sisters flew out there this past week, and after discussing things with a geriatric psychiatrist, it was determined that Mom needed to be hospitalized to help get her behavior under control. According to her doctor, she'd been having what is known as a manic episode.

Evidently with Alzheimer's, as the disease progresses, it can cause many symptoms similar to other psychiatric diseases (such as bipolar disorder.) While the underlying cause is different, treatments and medications for those same disorders can be effective in managing the problem. So, Mom is in the hospital while we attempt to find an appropriate treatment that will allow her to return back home (but still with 24-hour care.)

Anyhow, even though I haven't been out there myself, it's been a rather time-consuming week with phone calls and other sister and I tried to help out doing what we could while my sister who was in town dealt with things there. Right now, the house is locked up, mail and newspaper stopped, lights are on timers, and her dog is boarded at a kennel. We hope Mom will be able to return home within a week or so, depending upon how effective the new medications are. I'll probably make a trip out there soon after that.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a happy and safe weekend. Talk to you all later.


Merujo said...

I'm so sorry that your mother is struggling, and that you and your whole family are struggling with this, too. It's so hard to watch a loved one - especially a parent - failing. I'm sending you every good thought.

One of my sisters is failing now, too. She's been in the hospital since June, and I just don't know if she'll ever be going home. It's a rough time.

Be well!

Suldog said...

Hey, Chuck:

You know you and yours are in my prayers. May God's blessings be many, and as you need them.

Sea Hag said...

Wow, that really really sucks.

Chuck said...

Merujo - yes, it's never easy. Mom is doing better now than she was, though, so that's good.

Suldog - Thanks.

Sea Hag - It does suck, although things are going better now. Thanks for visiting.