Thursday, August 28, 2008

Template Updates

OK, this post will only be of interest to those of you with Blogger blogs (and specifically, Blogger blogs with the classic template.) If you're still reading, you may notice a tweak on my sidebar for my archived entries (or as I so lovingly call them, "The Morgue.") Instead of having every month listed since this blog has been in existence in my sidebar, I now have a dropdown menu that lets you cruise to the month of your choice without scrolling for two days. (Well, probably not that long, but you get the idea.)

For those of you wanting an easy "fix" to this, just update to the new Blogger, and you have lots more options, including drop-down menus for each year that you've been blogging. For stubborn bastards such as myself that don't want to lose all the customizations they've added to their "classic" template, let me know if this is something you're interested in, and I'll shoot you the code.

I should emphasize that I did NOT write the code myself, as I am (mostly) an HTML and Javascript know-nothing. I yanked it from this post at ID Web Template, but I just grabbed the drop-down archive menu portion of that template and not the whole thing.

I may well update to the "New" Blogger someday, since it does appear to have several nice features for people who are not code wizards (such as myself) but for now I'm kickin' it old school.

Oh, also, I'm going to try and start posting three times a week. Summer is over, after all! This way, even if I'm lazy and skip a post, the blog will at least get updated bi-weekly. And, coincidentally, this is my third blog post this week, but if I get inspired I may try and write something else by the weekend.


Suldog said...

My goodness. It's a veritable avalanche of Chuck posts!

Merujo said...

I'm on new Blogger, but I've been too lazy to make much use of all the whiz-bang stuff it has to offer. :)