Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Alive...

...Just haven't been inspired to write lately for some reason. This probably has to do with the fact that since I recovered from my ear surgery it seems like all I have done is WORK. (By the way, I'm just about all healed up from that happy experience.)

Working graveyard shifts, along with a couple of afternoon overtime shifts mixed in for flavor, tends to leave me feeling like sleeping when I get home, and not much else. Hopefully once the gym I joined opens, I'll be able to work that into my routine, since I am definitely out of shape. (I should clarify, there are branches of the gym I joined already open...but the one closest to where I live doesn't have it's grand opening until the 27th. Traffic sucks so much where I live that I haven't been to the next closest location very much.)

I am finally done working for the month, and going on vacation (YAY!) starting tomorrow. However, in conjunction with this, I will be taking an internet break while I'm gone, which means a further dearth of posts from yours truly at least until early July. (BOO!) But I will be back. I know I risk losing what few readers I have whenever I go on these long stretches without writing, and all I can say is, Inspiration is a fickle bitch sometimes.

Looking through stuff I've written but not posted, I thought I would include, just for fun, an example of an actual late night conversation I had with a Taco Bell employee at the drive thru. He talked so fast I thought he was a professional auctioneer.

SPEAKER: welcometotacobellhowkenihelpyou
ME: I'd like a grilled stuffed steak burrito and a double decker taco supreme.
SPEAKER: onegrilledstuffedsteakburritoandonedoubledeckertacosupremewouldyoulikeanythingelse
ME: No.
SPEAKER: yourtotalisfourfiddytwopleasedriveforward
AT THE WINDOW: wouldyoulikeanyhotsauce
ME: Yes, please.
AT THE WINDOW: hereyougohaveagoodnight

I encountered him a few times at the drive thru there. (Yes, I eat too much junk food, but no, I don't go there every day.) I don't think he works there anymore though, which is a shame...he never screwed up my orders.

UPDATE: After feeling kind of blah for the last few days, I went to the doc's yesterday afternoon and discovered I have a throat infection. I guess I have been working too hard. I got some drugs to take with me though, so all should be good. See everyone next week!