Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Fortunate Moment

Having read about the Beijing Beef at Panda Express on The Impulsive Buy this week, I decided to give it a try today. There's a Panda Express not too far from where I live so I went there for lunch. The food was pretty good (I also got Kung Pao chicken) and even if it's not authentic Chinese, it's still tasty. Hey, I'm from New Mexico and I still eat at Taco Bell every now and then, so back off, food purists.

Anyhow, they always include a fortune cookie with your meal there, so after I was done eating, I cracked mine open. I looked at the fortune and initially read "YOUR THOUGHTS ARE HIGHLY RETARDED." I did a double take and looked again, this time reading what was actually printed on the paper, which is "YOUR THOUGHTS ARE HIGHLY REGARDED."

I thought it was kind of funny, and it got me to thinking...maybe rude fortune cookies would be a good thing to mix into the regular ones! After all, everyone has seen the same old bland, optimistic fortunes over and over again...why not add a few zingers into the basket? "WHY ARE YOU EATING OUT? YOU SHOULD BE ON A DIET!" People would never forget your restaurant! Of course, this might be bad for business if someone got a rude fortune with their meal who had no sense of humor.

I do remember reading a story in Reader's Digest years ago, about a lady who got a fortune cookie at a restaurant, only to find a blank slip of paper inside with nothing printed on it. She told the manager about it, expecting he'd give her another cookie. Instead, he said, "No news is good news!" and walked off.

For an interesting article about fortune cookies, you can check out this article from the New York Times, by an author who has literally written the book on them. One interesting fact from the article: the fortune cookie was actually invented in Japan, not China, and in fact fortune cookies are rarely served with meals in China itself. Since my airline flies to China, I may someday be able to verify this fact by personal experience, but not any time soon.

If I keep up these short posts, I should think about trying out a Twitter account. Of course, once I got going, this post turned out to be longer than I originally thought it would be. In any case, it's good to be getting back in the habit of blogging again, even if it's only in brief.


Suldog said...

The spookiest thing that I've ever encountered, cookie-wise, is getting one with NO fortune in at at all, blank or otherwise. I felt like I was being told of my insignificance by a higher power.

Chuck said...

Suldog - I think that could be considered an ecologically friendly fortune paper wasted. Got to look on the bright side.