Monday, March 10, 2008


Greetings all. I know, I've been gone too long (again.) I promised myself a blog entry this days off, and I haven't done one, but I did have a draft written up from last year of something I was going to blog about, so here it is, in incomplete form:

I thought I'd share an incident that occurred on a trip I took last fall to see a friend in was a good trip but our drive to the airport wasn't.

My friend Melanie was taking me to the airport in Albany (I'd spent the weekend at her place to celebrate my birthday) and the Interstate was all backed up. I asked her if this was the only way to the airport and she said she didn't know of another one offhand, so we went ahead and got on.

I'm not sure what was causing the backup...probably some kind of accident ahead...but we were trying to merge from the entry lane (which ended about a half mile after we got on the freeway) into the next lane over, and this one tanker truck did NOT want to let us get in. We'd speed up to get ahead, and then he'd speed up...finally Melanie was trying to pull over and he sped up to the point that his mud flap touched her car and left a mark on it. She was freaking out, I was freaking out, but I think the truck driver finally realized he was about to get in an accident and backed off some. We got in front of him, finally, and then traffic came to a stop. Melanie jumped out to check to see if there was damage (there was a nick, but very minor) and to give the truck driver the finger.

Since traffic was so slow and I was running late for the airport, we didn't do an accident report, although she did get the guy's license number. I called in to highway patrol and they said the only way they could take a report was if we stopped, which would have meant missing my flight, so...we didn't stop. Actually, after looking at the map while stopped in traffic, we found a way to get to the airport and avoid the highway by getting off at the next exit, which we proceeded to do.

Looking back, I suppose that technically, the truck driver did have legal right of way...but there is such a thing as common sense and courtesy when driving, also. He really seemed willing to almost get in an accident rather than let us in front of him...but fortunately, we survived unscathed.

More about the actual trip later.