Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who put the goat in there?

I found this video rather hilarious with its use of non-translated subtitles. Check it out, if you dare!


Merujo said...

This made me laugh so hard, I passed it on to a ton of my friends who are linguists. There was this fantastic Indian restaurant in Moscow back in the day - they played a tape of American pop songs sung in Hindi. One was that song from "Beverly Hills Cop" - "The Heat is On" (by one of The Eagles - Glenn Fry?) and the chorus in Hindi sounds exactly like, "Oh, oh, oh, I love you, Johnny man!" We used to get the giggles something fierce over this and the manager used to cue up the "Johnny Man" song for us when we came in for lunch.

Shafa said...

Twisted, dudesky.

Chuck said...

Merujo - glad you enjoyed it.

Dariush - Yes, indeed it was. But you know my sense of humor.