Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Apartment Tour

To celebrate my apartment being clean, and unpacked, due to my mother visiting for Thanksgiving, I decided to do an apartment tour video with my new cellphone. I originally thought I would have to convert the video from .3g2 format that is created by the cellphone into something else in order for YouTube to understand it, but as it turns out, YouTube uploads videos in that format just fine. Let the tour commence!


Heather Meadows said...

I had that exact same entertainment cabinet before the fire. I brought it down here from Kentucky; it used to belong to my parents. They have a nicer one now, and I don't have one anymore--when we finally get the flat panel TV, I'll probably invest in a nice low table to set it on, but that's it.

I enjoyed the tour! I especially like the secret hiding place for boxes in your bedroom closet.

I kept watching to see if I could catch your reflection anywhere, but you did a really good job keeping that from happening. If there is a flash of you anywhere in any of the mirrors, I didn't see it ;>

Your patio and view look really nice!

Suldog said...

How about a game of e-mail chess sometime? I haven't played in ages, either.

Chuck said...

Heather - I had to be careful about not showing my reflection. Seeing me in my boxers might have scarred any viewers for life.

Suldog - An email chess game sounds intriguing. Do you prefer white or black?

Suldog said...

Chuck - Well, if you're going to give me the choice, I'll take white.

P-K4 (Is that e4 in algebraic? I'm OK with either, but prefer the old school.)

My e-mail, in case you don't have it handy: suldog@aol.com

I assume no time limits or anything fancy - just a couple of old woodpushers answering the moves as they get the urge?

Chuck said...

suldog - I have emailed you with my response to your first move. Yup, no time limits or anything fancy, just some old-fashioned postal chess updated for a new era.

Suldog said...

Happy New Year, Chuck!