Monday, October 15, 2007

A cold day in Hades

At an industry meeting I attended today, I had a civil chat with my ex-boss from the last airline I worked at. I even initiated the conversation.

While it might have been fun to rag on him, I got enough satisfaction by letting him know I was doing well in my current job, and that I'd just been signed off to dispatch international flights (the most fun moment was him asking, "So, where all does your airline fly internationally?" followed by me listing several European countries, most of Central/South America, plus China, Japan, India...) I guess I didn't know I had it in me to be polite like that to someone I used to despise.

Watch out for flying pigs tomorrow morning on your commute to work.


Heather Meadows said...

haha :D That's awesome.

Thimbelle said...

Feels great, don't it? ;)

It's not often we get to have that kind of moment - I'm really glad that you not only got the have that moment, but also that you handled it so professionally.

::flap, flap, oink, oink:::

Well, look at that!

Chuck said...

Heather - Yes, I thought it was awesome also. :)

Thimbelle - Sometimes, I amaze myself.

Suldog said...

It is ALWAYS much better to take the high road. You get to feel superior, while knowing that you've still left your former adversary seething :-)

Chuck said...

Suldog - Yes, I think you're right.