Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Memoriam

As those few regular readers here know, I don't have overly fond memories of my old company. This includes most of the management I dealt with there. Sadly, the one manager I truly enjoyed dealing with there has recently passed away. She had also departed my old company a few months after I left (perhaps she realized she could do better) and I was really sorry to hear about this tragic event just when she was getting ready to do something new with her life. Most of the management at my old company seemed to have grand delusions of how wonderful they were, but Lisa was always a class act. Even though I didn't know her well, and I only dealt with her professionally, I'm very sorry to hear she's moved on.


Suldog said...

That's too bad. It's interesting how decent folks can deeply affect you, even if you only know them tangentially. Sorry to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your colleague; from reading her obit it sounds like she was a very dynamic and determined person.

Webmiztris said...

that's too bad. sometimes all it takes is one person who's not an asshole to make the office alright - and when that person goes, forget about it.

ps. I see you live in Happy, I loved that movie. ;)

Chuck said...

Suldog - It's true, some people can make a profound impression on you in life. I wish her family the best.

Thimbelle - She was always a super energetic person, but very cordial and easy to talk to also.

Webmiztris - Unfortunately, she wasn't my supervisor, and the office a-hole was. Oh well, I'm not there anymore.