Monday, May 21, 2007

100 Facts in 100 Days #14

I just realized the other day...since I was 15, I have never really lived in one place for more than three years or so. I was an exchange student in England my junior year, then I went to college after high school away from home for about two years, then I went in the military and lived in Colorado, Okinawa, and Florida for the next four years. I moved back to Albuquerque after I got out in 1993, but after I finished my degree and got my dispatcher license I moved away again in 1995 to New England for my first airline job, and then I moved back to the Southwest for my second one in mid-1996 with another regional airline.

I actually stayed at that airline for over three years, but the company changed headquarters in the fall of 1998 so I moved from New Mexico to Arizona for that (one of my few paid moves in my post-military career.) Then I got on with a startup airline in Las Vegas and moved there in late 1999, where I stayed until that airline went belly up in late 2002. After a couple months of frantic job searching came a job offer (which even included a paid move!) leading to my my period of life in Wisconsin, from January 2003 to March of last year.

While living in Wisconsin, I started this blog, grew to dislike my boss more and more over the course of three years, considered for a while leaving aviation entirely, and finally managed to escape from there by getting hired by the Rather Large Airline last year. (When I say "escape" I am mainly referring to my old airline, but I don't miss the winters in Wisconsin much either.) Of course, I had to move yet again over a long distance, shipping my stuff at my own expense (and boy was THAT a hassle) but I am hoping it was the last long-range move that I have for the next several, say, decades.

You can't ever take anything for granted in this industry, though. Someone I knew once said that as airline employees "we're all gypsies, in a way" and I guess to a point, that is true, as my experiences demonstrate.


Suldog said...

I sometimes forget how lucky I was to live in one place for the first 37 years of my life, while still having the advantages afforded by my Dad working for Eastern, Aeronaves De Mexico, and Singapore. Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

Not *everyone* in the industry is a gypsy... Thankfully.

I do know that a lot of the people that work at the base where The Wrench does have moved around a lot over the years.

Hopefully, you'll get to stay put for a few years!

Chuck said...

Suldog - I think it's easier for pilots to not move and just commute. In my line of work, I have to be where the office is.

Thimbelle - Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me!