Saturday, March 17, 2007

100 Facts in 100 Days #12

This factoid is related in part to my Hospital Chronicles series, but not directly. I haven't had any serious injuries for a few years, but growing up, and in my twenties, I had my fair share of mishaps. I was trying to count, and near as I can come up with, I've broken or fractured seven different bones over the years. Some were from stupid accidents (punching a wall), others from bad luck accidents (crashing while skiing or slipping while hiking.) There's a chance I might have fractured one of my ribs once, also, but I never had it x-rayed so I'm not counting that in the breakage total.

I suppose I've been lucky (if you can count it as luck) in that I've never needed surgery to repair/set any of the injuries. Since three of the bones I've broken were in my left hand, I suppose that's rather fortunate. One chiropractor I went to took some x-rays of my neck and back and said I had at some point in my past fractured a vertebrae in my neck. If this happened, I don't know when, and it must have been not too severe of an accident or I would have remembered it. I'm not sure I trusted his evaluation (he was a chiropractor and not a radiologist, after all) but if he was correct, then I was very lucky. Any spinal cord damage from such an injury could potentially have paralyzed me from the neck down.


Suldog said...

Punched a wall and broke your hand, huh? You did read my piece about punching a desk and doing the same thing, right? I wonder what percentage of men have either punched something inanimate and/or broken something doing so? I know MM related a similar story. I'm willing to bet it would be more than half of us.

Chuck said...

Suldog - I don't think I ever read your piece about doing that. I recall MM's incident where he was showing off for Art Lad. It definitely does seem to be a male problem. For more details on my misadventures, check out the Hospital Chronicles link under my Greatest Hits in the sidebar.