Friday, March 02, 2007

100 Facts in 100 Days #10

Since I started working in the aviation business, I have worked for five different airlines, and I've moved a total of six times. Only two of the moves were paid for by the company. One of the moves was due to a headquarters change of location, so the company had to pay for the move...the other paid move was to work for my previous employer in Wisconsin. The policy there has now changed and they no longer pay for new hire relocation costs. My current employer did help some with some move expenses (hotel, per diem, etc.) but did not pay for the movers. I am hopeful that the last long-distance move was my last one until I retire...although in the airline industry, you can't ever take anything for granted.


Suldog said...


Are you at liberty to name the lines you've flown for?

Chuck said...

Hey Suldog,

Yes, I am technically "at liberty" to name all the carriers I've worked for in the sense I've never had to sign any kind of nondisclosure agreements, etc. after moving on. However, I choose not to name the ones still in business so that I can discuss them in my blog but reduce my risk of being sued. I also choose not to name my present employer, the Rather Large Airline, publicly, just to be on the safe side.

I have worked for two airlines that are no longer in was called Business Express, a Delta Connection/Northwest Airlink carrier based in New Hampshire. That was my first airline job and they were bought out by American Eagle sometime after I left. The other carrier I worked for that is no longer in business was called National Airlines (not the original one) and they were based in Las Vegas. They went out of business completely in 2002.

Suldog said...

I ask because I've had a few relatives in the business, most notably my father. He started with Eastern, in ramp service, in the 60's. He later worked for Flying Tiger, Areonaves De Mexico (sp), and Singapore Airlines, either on the counter or in sales. He finished up as District Sales Manager for Singapore Airlines in New England.

My uncle, on my mother's side, was a pilot for New England Air. As I recall they were (are?) based out of Nantucket.

Chuck said...

Suldog - I haven't worked for any of the airlines you mentioned. I did once take a trip on Flying Tigers back when I was in the military...they had the contract to deliver us to Okinawa from LAX. Singapore Airlines is a very good airline from everything I've heard but I've never flown on them or worked for them.

As for New England Air, I haven't heard of them's possible they were bought out by another carrier. Prior to being bought by American Eagle, Business Express bought several smaller New England based airlines, but I don't know if New England Air was one of them or not.

Suldog said...

I was talking to someone else about this today, and they told me that New England Air is now (or was bought out by an outfit called) Cape Air.

Chuck said...

Suldog - I have heard of Cape Air, but I don't know much about them. I do always get a twang of nostalgia for my first aviation job when I recall New England tourist destinations such as ACK (Nantucket) or MVY (Martha's Vineyard.)