Friday, February 16, 2007

A Technical Question...

Has anyone else had issues with Firefox I was having lots of issues with drop-down menus not working properly. After looking through the Mozilla website, finding the archives, and rolling back to version 2.0, everything is fine again. Which is good, because I use the RSS "live bookmarks" feature to monitor most blogs I read that have RSS feeds, and it hadn't been working since I installed very well, if at all. Hopefully, Mozilla will get this issue fixed before the next update they do to Firefox 2.0...but just to be safe, I'm keeping a copy of the original 2.0 install program saved if I have to roll back again.

UPDATE: Be sure to turn off your "auto-update" setting if you copy what I did. My FF 2.0 automatically updated and installed just now, so I had to uninstall, then reinstall 2.0 again...well, I never claimed to be a computer expert. I waited to see if I had the same problem with my live bookmarks when reinstalled, and I did. Once Mozilla fixes that bug, I'll be happy to update.

2ND UPDATE: Well, I figured it out, wasn't Firefox, it was the theme I was using, which evidently wasn't compatible with the latest Firefox versions. Once I reinstalled a new version of the theme I like, everything works great, and I'm now running Firefox

I like that Firefox is so customizable, but sometimes this customize-ability causes issues...but it still beats the pants off of IE, in my opinion.

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