Friday, February 16, 2007

Diet Update

One week in, four pounds lost. I actually was down a bit more and cheated on Valentine's Day, which I know is bad, but when someone brings in my favorite kind of cake to work and is giving out pieces of it...well, at least I only had one piece.

I am currently on a mostly-vegetarian diet, and have eliminated caffeine, Nutrasweet, and alcohol completely. Which, for those of you that know me, is saying something. We'll see how the coming week goes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Dont' forget to take some vitamins (just regular get-em-at-the-grocery will work) because they can help curb your hunger and cravings. Why, I don't know.

As far as Firefox goes, I haven't done the upgrade from 2.0 yet, but when Twinks did on her laptop, it ate all of her bookmarks.

Keep going on your diet - and don't worry about the occasional indulgence - it's the everyday nutso-crazy stuff that will add up fast!

I'm really proud of you! :)


Chuck said...

Thimbelle - Thanks for the encouragement!

Merujo said...

I've been pondering going mostly vegetarian. I've found that, with the exception of the twice-yearly craving for really good ribs or steak, I don't have much interest in much critter flesh. Hope this works out well for you! (She writes as she sips some Australian red...)

Chuck said...

Merujo - I haven't had too many meat cravings. I did have some homeade gumbo someone brought into work one day (couldn't pass that up!) but overall it hasn't been difficult at all. Now, giving up cheese...that would be difficult.

Suldog said...

Way to go, Chuck. I've started my 40+ days of no flour and no dairy this morning.

(Lenten observance, as well as spring training for softball season.)